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Mantis Radio 345 – The Allegorist

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In the mix Hungarian artist + sound designer Anna Jordan and The Allegorist.

Episode 345 of Mantis Radio is packing beautiful glitchy IDM crystal sound from Hexalyne, and Mitoma. Deep techno from Antonio Sanna. French experimental bass music via Livity Sound. OAKE‘s immersive dark industrial. The untouchable David Lynch. Lunar Blood’s New Jersey death metal. Drum & bass from Boomslang Records, Metalheadz, Samurai Music, and Black Sun Empire. A heavyweight bass slab from Commodo. And more besides. You know how it goes.

clipping. – Face (Youth Code remix) [Deathbomb Arc]
Confluencia – Mefistofelico [Mord]
Hexalyne – Scatter ES [Kaer’Uiks]
Antonio Sanna – Ascendenza [Hyperfocus]
Toma Kami – Amapicante [Livity Sound]
Mitoma – Pentad01 [Section27]
OAKE – Paysage Depayse (Lemna remix) [47]
David Lynch – Ghost of Love [Sacred Bones Records]
Lunar Blood – God Of The Trainwreck [Pulverised Records]
SST – Love In My Heart [Boomslang Records]
NC-17 – Santa Sangre [Metalheadz]
Presha – Vendetta (Last Life remix) [Samurai Music]
Rawthang – Epilogue [Black Sun Empire]
Robert Ames & Ben Corrigan – Chrome Ocean (Sasha Scott remix) [Modern Recordings]

Anthony Sahyoun – Irhamna [Beacon Sound]
The Allegorist – The Sacrifice [Awaken Chronicles]
Atrium Carceri – A Curved Blade [Cryo Chamber]
The Allegorist – Ocean Waves [Awaken Chronicles]
Danny Wabbit – Interlude [Diffuse Reality Records]
Indian Wells – Black Trees [Mesh]
Sacha Ketterlin – Trinity [Intumi]
Peter Kirn – Believe [self-released]
The Allegorist – Until Dawn [Detroit Underground]
Badador & Danny Wabbit – Krhome [Diffuse Reality Records]
Subheim – Dunes [Denovali Records]
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Comancheria [Milan]

Skalpel – Why Not Jungle [NoPaper Records]
Commodo – Living Bones [Black Acre]

Featured Guest

With a background in fine art Anna became interested in music in the late 2000s. In 2010 she moved to Berlin and graduated as an audio engineer and sound designer. In 2015 began writing music as The Allegorist. It’s a project with a holistic approach based on musical storytelling. Her debut album Botanical Utopia dropped a year later on Greek label Kraak Records.

Her second album, Hybrid Dimension I, was my introduction to her sound. Released on Detroit Underground in 2018, the scale and depth of the narrative of sound really stuck with me and I’ve been following her music ever since. Her latest album, her 4th, Blind Emperor dropped earlier this year on her own label Awaken Chronicles, to be followed up last month by the remix album The Round Table. It features reworks by amongst others – Max Dahlhaus, Blush Response, KMRU and Snakes of Russia.

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