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Mantis Radio 288 – Vacated

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We’ve a live techno machine flex from Vacated in our session backed w/ music by Bong-Ra, Special Request, Mothboy, Hemlock, Dark Entries, Acronym, Madonna, MethLab, Bad Company, and R.I.T.M. remixing Scott Hardkiss.

Wildbirds & Peacedrums – The Unreal vs The Real [Leaf]
Boards of Canada – Heard from Telegraph Lines [Warp Records]
Bong-Ra – Aton (Mind Machine) [Svart Lava]
DJ Ungel – Velah [Mirror Zone]
Mothboy – Outside (Cutout remix) [unreleased]
Stanley Schmidt – Spacious Lush with a View [Vienna]
Solitary Dancer – Losing Touch [Dark Entries]
Guy Andrews – Resistivity [Hemlock]
BILY – K1 (H 6 5 2 5 remix) [Logical Methods Records]
Acronym – Back to Understanding [Northern Electronics]
Madonna – Shanti/Ashtangi [Maverick]
Primate – Grub [VALE]
Merikan – Counter-Insurgency [MethLab Recordings]
Special Request – Fett [Houndstooth]
Bad Company UK – Grunge 2 [BC Recordings]

Vacated – Live Session

God Within – Raincry (Rabbit In The Moon’s Ascension Mix) [David Christophere]

Featured Guest

A few years coming but worth the wait. In session this week we present Vacated.

Vacated’s Rich Wilson has been a supporter of the show for years, resulting in him sending in material he had been working on. We worked together releasing his brilliant track RM2 (re-edit) on our compilation EP Mechanistic Overlap alongside Matt TdK, Lag & Forest People, and Ruins. We’ve got a couple of copies of that one on vinyl in our store. At the same time he released with Power Vacuum, sharing vinyl real estate with Jerome Hill, Cylob, Anklepants and Cornwallis for their second Vectors compilation.

From 2013-2015 Wilson presented the radio show We Have Vacatedself releasing a few EPs worth of tracks and building up his studio at his home in Essex. You can expect a return to Darkfloor Sound soon.

The session he and we share with you today is the result of these machines in action – stompy, acidic, raw, machine flexing techno fun.

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