Matt TDK’s RTE 2FM mix

Back in March (Saturday the 14th to be precise) on Ireland’s RTE 2FM Late Sessions, we celebrated our 5th Darkfloor Sound EP Mechanistic Overlap, with a seriously tough hour of beats from featured artist Matt TDK.

Amongst his 60 minutes you’ll find 3 of the 4 tracks from our new EP, including TDK’s slamming, atmospheric, paranoia inducing Industry, amongst his proper selection of the good stuff.

Shouts to Sunil and all at the Late Sessions. Enjoy.

Matt TDK – RTE 2FM

Vacated – RM2 (re-edit) [Darkfloor Sound]
Radial – Boks [Mord]
Airsilk – Wicca [RDL47]
Lag – Konrola (Bas Mooy remix) [Mord]
Lag + Forest People – The Anvil [Darkfloor Sound]
Jamie Curnock – Transportation [Onnset]
J. Tijn – Kanon [Music Man Records]
Ontal and 2nd Gen – Shock [Ontal Series]
Matt TDK – Electro #4 [unreleased]
Tinfoil – Foil 5 [Tinfoil]
Bleaching Agent – Elastique [Komisch]
Lag + Forest People – The Beast [Mindcut]
Matt TDK – Industry [Darkfloor Sound]
Paula Temple – Deathvox [R&S Records]
RW\\JT – Exit 7 [Brothers]
Jerome Hill – Frogmarch [Mindcut]
Tension Seeker
Sunil Sharpe – ShakEyaku [Bombtrap]
Clouds – Teenage Boy [Soma]
Manni Dee – Sister Nobody (Mønic Version) [Osiris Music]
Mr Jones – Under The Radar (AnD remix) [DSNT]
Joe Farr – Rampart [Power Vacuum]

This Friday April 10th at Peckham’s Rye Wax we’re having a free in-store EP launch.  (Facebook / Resident Advisor)



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