Deadman DJ wearing a ball gag (orange)
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Mantis Radio 42 – Deadman DJ

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Deadman DJ steps up to the session w/ an electro enriched techno / dubstep heft of a mix.

With Somatic Responses, Dessben, James Fox,  Beagle, Heezen, Teutonic Kaboom, Smashback and more.

DraCo – Drummer’s Path (Perfect Blind remix) [diggarama]
Mobydick + Plaistow (mobystow) – Ma Clique Et Moi [edogm]
Firnwald – Obscure Lore (Schlangentatoo remix) [Miga]
Heezen – Fluïds [Inrecs]
Delayscape – Distant Walk [Swishco]
James Fox – Zilch Dub [unreleased]
Zzzzra – Je Suis Un Rat (Version Infecte) [deepindub]
Roman Wilenski – Clouds of Witness [Clear-Cut-Records]
Let’s Go Outside – Speak My Language [Soma]
Sascha Müller – Contrast [diggarama]
xdb – Letak [Deikat]
DJ Xed – Automatik [Oscillator]
DJ Xed – Number Correct [Oscillator]
Dessben – Red de Trabajo [Bumpfoot]
Smashback – The Wizard of Oz [WIDE]
Teutonic Kaboom – Shrewsberry Steppa [WIDE]
Somatic Responses – Mercury [Acroplane]
puresthatred – robbery [Mantrap]
Beagle – Bum Rush the Sound [Backtotheoldskool]

Rat – Snail
*Sexy Beast Sample*
Trode – Shrewsbury Steppa (Loop)
Trode – Shrewsbury Steppa (Deadman DJ Rearrangement Loops 1 + 2)
Skeetaz – Gators (Lawgiverz Remix) (Loop)
Aphex Twin – Isoproponol (Deadman DJ Sex’d Up Loop)
Headhunter – Spyro (Deadman DJ Slippy Subs Loop)
Headhunter – Spyro
Dessben – Parque Europa
Toasty – The Knowledge (Deadman DJ Cho pped Vox Loop)
TRG – Horny
the wee djs – Roov (Deadman DJ Hear The Drummer Get Bassic Loop)
Cursor Miner – Everybody Want Power (Loop)
Quantum Soul – Bebylon Keep I Down (Loop)
Bar 9 – Bakin’ Bread (Deadman DJ Bass Edit Loop)
Siege – Switch Error Response
Aux 88 – Alias
Daniele Papini – Church of Nonsense
Botz – Dema Style (Deadman DJ 33 Percent Bass Loop)
Elemental + 3D – Ska Train
Lawgiverz – Tunnel Bump (Loop)
Loops Haunt – Rubber Sun Grenade (Loop)
Unity – Afrika (Tribal Mix)
Krause Duo – Wurm
Limbertimbre – Jebem Ti Sunce (Loop)
Deadsound – Shuffle
Darqwan – Ghost Not Memory (Loop)
Charlton – Irronisch (Deadman DJ Remix)
Somatic Responses – Hatework
Threnody + Noiz – Vehemence (Loop)
Deadman DJ – Get Low
Contax – Unachievable (Deadman DJ Vocal Edit Loop)
Siege – Manoeuvre
Rustie + Joker – Play Doe (Deadman DJ Tiny Synth Bubble Loop)
Posthuman – The Disease (Shelley Parker remix)
Mark Broom – Twenty Nine (Black Mix)

Featured Guest

Starting out making parody rave tracks and sparse 8bit industrial loops on an Amiga 500 back in the mid 90s, Deadman DJ soon constructed a home-made recording setup using a customised HH amplifier, two tape recorders, an FX unit, mic, guitar and the trusty Amiga with which to record lo-fi oddball songs about computer systems.

Soon, playing in bands took precedence and a number of years were spent gigging as the bass player for Godcone and Koresh. After a brief stint with Honey Ride Me A Goat, Deadman returned to electronic music production and DJing around 2002/3.

Soon afterwards Deadman set up the Virus B-23 netlabel with long-time friend Henryoid and around the same time became a resident at the Breakism night in Kent playing alongside many great DJs such including Distance, SOTEG + Carbon Community and Stormfield.

After putting the label to bed due to increasing family commitments, Deadman returned to music production and DJing, and now hosts a bi-weekly show on Brap FM playing a range of styles with the occasional special guest.

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