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Mantis Radio 225 – GRVD

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From Ann Arbor, Michigan, GRVD delivers an immense sonic blackened noise blast for Mantis Radio. Supporting his black noise blast, music from The Prodigy, Johannes Heil, DJ Bone, Kangding Ray, Sherwood & Pinch, Drvg Cvltvre, and Grebenstein.

Darkfloor Sound · Mantis Radio 225 – GRVD

The Prodigy – Rat Poison [XL Recordings]
Grebenstein – Self (Version) [Horo]
Kamixlo – Lariat [Codes]
Cooper Bowman – The Isle of Isms (Side B excerpt) [Portals Editions]
Soundwalk Collective with Jesse Paris Smith feat. Patti Smith – My Heart Is Empty [Sacred Bones]
Ruff Cherry – The Empath [Elastic Dreams]
Johannes Heil – B1 [Exile]
Quivver – Space Manoeuvres Pt3 (Breaks Mix) [BozBoz]
Savage Cult – Face Orion [Tripalium Records]
Acre / Filter Dread – Trashed [Codes]
DJ Bone – Activist [Subject Detroit]
Drvg Cvltvre – Don’t Give A Fuck [Tripalium Records]
Gert P – Ik Wil [Earwiggle]
Kangding Ray – Epsilon [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Justin Ivey – Rusted Tanker [Borrowed Language]
Sherwood & Pinch – Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence [On U Sound]
SEA OF DOGS – You Were My Angel (feat. Lé Real) [Chamber 38]


impurfekt – The King Is Dead [CRL Studios]
MachineCode – DoubleGate [Locked Concept]
Fa11out & Vegas – Black Bones [Bad Taste Recordings]

Featured Guest

For our first Sunday broadcast now that we are weekly, we present a session from American noise merchant GRVD. He brings to the show one of our most hellacious sessions ever.

The “Midwest blackened noise death” of Brent Gunn’s project GRVD really blew me away last year when I heard the intensity and sonics of BURDEN – a 17 track cassette release for Altar of Waste Records.

GRVD is a continuing document of isolation and personal progression.

Gunn has recorded an immersive sonic attack, a session that is, without doubt, one of our most intense to date in the show’s 10 year history.

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