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Mantis Radio 174 presents a session from Aux Field with new music from Phat Chex, Peter Van Hoesen, Levon Vincent, Egyptrixx, Go Hiyama, Stave and Alex Coulton. And, we’ve the exclusive first play of The Anvil by Lag & Forest People, taken from our upcoming Darkfloor Sound EP Mechanistic Overlap.

JEO – Prince of Space [The Crooked Circle]
Sound Awakener – Pale Morning [Sound Awakener]
TCF – 675c7ff1cbedfsdf4c7e7d6sdf9cb96492 [dub]
Heamy + Asphexia – Digital Mayhem [Bad Taste Recordings]
Om Unit – Parallel [Metalheadz]
Phat Chex – Listen [unreleased]
Peter Van Hoesen – Swerve Damiao [Time to Express]
Levon Vincent – Junkies on Hermann Strasse [Novel Sound]
Egyptrixx – Body II Body feat Nyssa [Halocine Trance]
Go Hiyama – Philosopher [HueHelix]
VSK – Wrap [Planet Rhythm]
Lag + Forest People – The Anvil [Darkfloor Sound]
Patrick Bolton – Spacial Awareness [Onnset]
Barker + Baumecker – Trafo (Goner remix) [unreleased]
Stave – Circle Pit [Repitch]
Alex Coulton – Wiretap [Tempa]

Soulvent – Rapid [41.44 Audio]
Aux Field – Room & Dust [Umor Rex]
LpStLu – 0 Lurji [unreleased]
Aghnie – You Never Com Late [unreleased]
Gacha – Ghostly Head [Apollo Records]
Rezo Glonti – Sul Dges [Dronarivm]
Samsø – Untitled, 1.17 AM [unreleased]
HVL – Obscure Uli [unreleased]
Indyexx – Test [unreleased]
Vincent Volt – E Lement [Dado Records]
SeSil – Position N 1 [Self-Released]

Dodi Palese – Storm (Chevel remix) [What Ever Not]
Barbara Ford – Frostbite [ClekClekBoom Recordings]
Lectromagnetique – Evil Dancer [Bass Agenda]
Plike – Dierdra [unreleased]
Eric Copeland – Bobby Strong (Anthony Naples remix) [DFA]

Featured Guest

Aux Field is the work of Rezo Glonti, an artist based in Georgia, Tbilisi.

Back in January I heard his Imaginable Layers on Mexico’s Umor Rex label. The first of his releases under the Aux Field name, having released since 2010 under his birth name.

The project is based on exploring sound through a hands on approach. That approach being the modulation of analog hardware machines. Umor Rex describe his album as

a mixture of a modern rhythmic and dynamic ambient music and the old school electronic German avant-garde

The result of which, as I wrote in January, is – captivating, gentle and actually quite emotive. Pulsing, rich, thick electronica on a rhythmic but beatless headphone trip out. An early Darkfloor fave for 2015.

His session tonight is constructed from young Georgian producers. Glonti requested all the tracks for his mix personally, hitting up friends and acquaintances as well as folks he came across on SoundCloud. Some are established, some are up and coming.

Point was to make mix that which can capture the current state of electronic music development in the country which in my opinion is in interesting stage and have a great potential.

Mantis Radio is back, March 3rd with a session from the wee djs.

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