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Arrhythmia brings a storm from Serbia in the session today with a showcase set of her industrial techno. DVNT plays music from Blanck Mass, Alan Vega, Actress, Umwelt, Todd Terje, Jonny L, Elementz of Noize, Porter Ricks and more.

Multiple Mono – Spite Jazz feat. Billy Rymer [Ricochet Records]
Alan Vega – Station Station [Blast First]
Skymall – Post Traumatic Growth [Mobcore Chicago Records]
Blanck Mass – Rhesus Negative [Sacred Bones Records]
Actress – Bird Matrix (Simbiosi remix) [!K7 Records]
Porter Ricks – Anguilla Electrica [Tresor]
Benedikt Frey – Controversial [ESP Institute]
Exium – Novakron [PoleGroup]
Umwelt – Outside Me [Shipwrec]
Todd Terje – Delorean Dynamite [Olsen]
Jonny L – Obedience [XL Recordings]
Elementz Of Noize – Pressure [Elementz Of Noize]
Hidden Turn – Dream Of Tron [31 Recordings]


Aphex Twin – 21 Forgotten T [user48736353001]

Featured Guest

Our guest this week, and our first of 2018 is Arrhythmia. Based out of Serbia her sound is a dark, intense and distorted one.

She says of her work

I feel and impart unbelievable freedom through industrial noise, I like to indulge into a sound and postpone its boundaries continuously. I love shocking and scary noises, which exceeds the general and ethereal soundscapes, which are surrounding us

A regular on Framed FM’s Sunday night Selection Sorted she already has a slew of sonic assaults to offload in 2018 for kallkällan, Monolith, Miner Recs, and Pitch Dark Records.

Like what you hear and want more, she’s playing Budapest’s Sonic Club, April 14th at Under The Veil Of Gloom (Noise Pollution).

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