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Mantis Radio 270 – Luke Lund

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Finnish musician and sound artist Luke Lund is our session guest. We play Russian dark ambient, new Kerridge, AJA, 2000 era Moving Shadow, Limewax, perfect club techno, Pitch Dark Records, Finnish electro from Morphology, and some underrated Hybrid.

KARNA – Dead Falls Asleep [Possession Productions]
Samuel Kerridge – Propagates of Desire [Downwards]
AJA – Marbles [Opal Tapes]
Tech Itch – Led [Moving Shadow]
Missing & Nemy – Psychological Profile [Locked Concept]
Limewax – Agent Orange [L/B Recordings]
Walton – Bulldoze [Tectonic Recordings]
Breach – Fatherless (VIP) [PTN]
3 Phase ft. Dr Motte – Der Klang Der Familie (James Holden Wet & Fucked remix) [Silver Planet Recordings]
Blue Hour – Averting [Infrastructure New York]
Black Scorpion – Natron [ESP Records]
Hybrid – Groovology (Instrumental) [Distinct’ive Breaks]
Snowbeasts – Set The Night On Fire (Slave Cylinder remix) [Component Recordings]

Pusher (Version) [unreleased]
Auts (Version) [unreleased]
Dregs (Version) [unreleased]
Hive [unreleased]
Spawn [unreleased]
Blazed (Version) [unreleased]
Pill Face [unreleased]
Fret – Closed Syndicate [L.I.E.S.]
Zuli – Trigger Finger [Haunter Records]
Terry Lamborgini – The Gurning Vineer [Midnight Shift Records]
Recsund – Mind My Body [Quantum Natives]
Renick Bell – Spilling Past [Conditional]
Dirk De Akkers – Echt LeQQer [Open Hand Real Flames]
Renick Bell – Root of the Light [Halcyon Veil]
Yaleesa Hall – Barbara Adams [Will & Ink]
NHK yx Koyxen – Parallel Displacement [-ous]
How the Noble Have Fallen [No Records]
Rapatronic [unreleased]
Axion [unreleased]
Jing – Meaning of Pupil [6dimensions]

Morphology – Fluid Dynamics [Cultivated Electronics]
Folding City – Spacewalk (Doctor Jeep remix) [Tuba]
Wascal – Keep It Locked [unreleased]
Sluhg – Industry (Ben Techy remix) [Pitch Dark Records]
Linear Movement – Five Faces [Minimal Wave]

Featured Guest

Responsible for labels Terranean Recordings, Birthdeath, and Barely Here, Luke Lund produces a variety of music. He started experimenting with audio manipulation a decade ago, discovering the works of J K Broadrick in 2008. In 2010 his sound shifted to beat based music, and he established the nonprofit netlabel Terranean as a home to release his material. Its sublabel Barely Here covers physical editions, whilst Birthdeath is a completely separate label – focusing on experimentation with traditional rock band compositions.

His session for Mantis Radio is one half unreleased material (from sessions of this year’s Cavern Flight EP) and one half current favourites. That unreleased, and in most cases previously unheard material, is the closest Lund has found to finding what he could call his own sound.

Recent releases include a split 7″ with Regis for US label Ohm Resistance, an ultra-minimal album on CO-DEPENDENT, and drone material from Amantra on Barely Here. He has more material due this year, including a jazzcore LP in dub for Birthdeath.

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