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Mantis Radio 1 – Stormfield

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Mantis Radio begins with a three hour blast. Our inaugural guest is Combat Recordings’ Stormfield. With music from DJ Rap, Serein, Burial, Phil Kieran, Richie Hawtin, Si Begg, Rephlex, UNKLE, Boards of Canada, Bassbin Twins, Tim Wright, DJ Hidden, and many more.

DJ Rap – Fuck with your Head [Sony BMG]
Herzog – Milk Snatcher [Serein]
Pink Elln – Phobia (DJ Hell remix) [Cyclotron Records]
Future for the Good – Placid Set [Virus B-23]
Burial – Gutted [Hyperdub]
Phil Kieran – Skyhook2 [Novamute]
Richie Hawtin – The Tunnel [M_Nus]

Disco Donkey – Mochipet (Cursor Minor remix) [Daly City Records]
Nitro meets Michael Noize – Physical Attraction [Spanish Breakz]
ISY – Provocative [Groove Master Sound Recordings]
Dopamine – Zoit [TCR]
Si Begg – Trigger [Trigger Recordings]
Chris Carter – Fear2 [Record Records]
DJ Aziz – No Competition (October remix) [Dangerous Drums Recordings]

Herzog – Milksnatcher [Serein]
Kerrier District 2 – A1 116 bpm [Rephlex]

noise loops
Ben Milstein and Logreybeam – Neginfac [Designed Disorder]
MRK1 – Grit [Planet Mu]
The Bug – Jah War (Loefah remix) [Ninja tune]
Milanese – Sadako [Seed Records]
Crooked One – unknown [unreleased]
Innasekt – Archetype [unreleased]
Point B – Tar Pit [unreleased]
Dolphin – Mimulus [Combat Recordings]
Scorn – Stealth 1 [Ohm Resistance]
ScanOne – Kik It (strings) [unreleased]
Crooked One – Lucifuge [unreleased]
Caspa – Rubber Chicken [Tempa]
Autechre – 2nd Peng (Threnody remix) [unreleased]
Scorn – Stealth 4 [Ohm Resistance]
Stormfield – Altered Beast [unreleased]
Tes la Rok – Cold Blooded [Digital Tunes]
Crooked One – Torture Sequence [Combat Recordings]
Ardisson – Rat’s Nest [Seed]
Point B – Embrionic [unreleased]
Komonazmuk & White Boi – Search for Truth [Combat Recordings]

Modus Vivendi – Modus Vivendi (Fade In Mix) [Warp Records]
Unkle – Reign (Trafik’s Stoned Rose remix) [MoWax]
Decal – Turnaround [unreleased]
Boards of Canada – Tears From The Compound Eye [Warp Records]
Katana – Void [unreleased]
DJ Icey – Tasters [Zone 72 Records]
Bassbin Twins – Woppa [unreleased]
Joey G + Steve Chadwick + Lucin – Freakquency (LAB 3 Mix) [Troubadour Records]
Zone 6 – Energize (SOTEG remix) [Full Intent Records]
Tim Wright – The Walk [Novamute]
Mongrel Breaks Collective – Confusion Delusion [Drum and Breaks]
Hac[k] The Tab – I Am Not A Machine [[K]racktroni[k]]
Backdraft + Eskmo – Basement [Downbeat Productions]
DJ Hidden – Prisoner of One Self [Kod Productions]
Doctor Blue and the Time Travellers – Who Make We [Dubplate Sounds]

Featured Guest

Stormfield was schooled in the nascent strains of LFO, Aphex Twin, Black Dog, Autechre and the early infections of dark, techy jungle like Photek and Source Direct. A 4-year stint living in Brixton (south London) and it’s colossal dub soundsystems left him with a permanent need for crushing basslines…

All of these influences have left a permanent impression on his approach towards music ever since, partly leading to the creation of Combat Recordings with ScanOne in 2004 to further the sound. Stormfield runs the label, while regularly smashing up various soundsystems at nights in England and abroad, including Alt Ctrl, III, Delta 9, Electroactivity, Ecosystem, Plexiphonic (Belgium), Illuminate, Digital Penetration (Czech Republic), and as far afield as the Pick your Perversion party in (Miami 2003). His music style could be described at the result of dark, fierce and strange noises that get absorbed, chopped up, mutilated and spat back out again in danceable form, what he loosely calls “fierce bassbin electronics”.

Shouts to all the people locked on. It was an international show with listeners in Canada and Australia as well as Lincoln, Brighton, London and Falmouth. You know who you all are. Big ups.

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