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Mantis Radio 227 – Death Qualia

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Jonathan Baruc returns to Mantis Radio w/ his new experimental noise alias Death Qualia. In the show’s first hour – tracks by Eurythmics, Richard H. Kirk, Bombardier, Prodigy, Derlich, Porter Ricks, and Spooky.

Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Nightmare Mix) [RCA]
Richard H. Kirk – The Number of Magic [Warp Records]
Porter Ricks – Ionic [Force Inc. Music Works]
Foxygen – On Blue Mountain [Jagjaguwar]
Bombardier – She [Terra Null]
Derlich – Around The Chapel [unreleased]
Fallbeil – The Healer [Mannequin Records]
Envoy – Dark Manoeuvres (Tensal remix) [Soma Records]
Structural Form – Droid [Audioexit Records]
T Polar – Twinkletoes [Champion Sound]
Doctor Jeep – XTC [end fence]
The Prodigy – Skylined [XL Recordings]
Spooky – Curry Chips (Danny B-Line remix) [Ghosthouse]

Death Qualia – Circe Offering the Cup To Ulysses (Lawyer Curdle Edition) [Portals Editions]
Katsunori Sawa – Warning Sign [The Weevil Neighbourhood]
Low Jack & Qoso – Like It Soft [In Paradisum]
[Impending Qualia Politik]
Iain Armstrong – Strange Attractor [unreleased]
Article Collection – Side B (Oscillographic Generative Microtonal Polyrhythms 3 + \DSPFUCKERY) [unreleased]
Death Qualia – Machine Woman Appreciation [Private Archive]
Her Qualia – Javier (Unconditional Exercise) [HER001]
Adam X – Intermission On The Congo [Sonic Groove]
Scald – Altitude [unreleased]
Fifth Era – 5 Minutes After The Pill (Fifth Era remix) [Fifth Era]
CSA – A3 Nodes of Controversy [3TH Records]
Dystopia – Hands That Mold [Common Cause]
Scald – Bas (Ontal remix) [unreleased]
Energetic-X – Growing [unreleased]
Extreme Precautions – Untitled [In Paradisum]
DEFCE – Volume of Sorrows (TUUM Solace in Self-Sacrifice version) [Qualia’s Scion]
Death Qualia – To Your Nearest Block [unreleased]
DEFCE – Volume of Sorrows (TUUM Solace in Self-Sacrifice version) [Ohm Resistance]
Death Qualia – Recovered
FiS – Frost Pocket [Loopy]
Death Qualia – Circe Offering the Cup To Ulysses [Portals Editions]

Featured Guest

Baruc is no stranger to the show. In 2014, as Create Her, he guested on our 157th broadcast. He would return the following year, alongside Clem Von Holstein’s SHVLFCE as the 200bpm+ technoid beast DEFCE, together delivering one of our most ferocious sessions to date.

Following his move from New York to Berlin, he is now Death Qualia. An extension, an amalgamation, a fresh direction. With his EP – Intention Versus – having now dropped on the always reliable Portals Editions, he returns for a 3rd bout of sound session selections, dropping an exclusive guest mix.

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