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Mantis Radio 218 – Beyond

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Beyond delivers an incredible darkwave influenced techno liveset, plus new Darkfloor Sound, Ynoji, David Meiser, Blawan, Kvitnu, Lotic and more.

Darkfloor Sound · Mantis Radio 218 – Beyond

RaptorHandz – Sub-Zero [RaptorHandz]
Kodin – Get Yourz [Bad Taste Recordings]
Ynoji – Tofreq [Abstrakt Reflections]
Mild Maynard – Aalpeh (Savier remix) [Darkfloor Sound]
Nonima & Stormfield – Gazprom [Section27]
Vapauteen – Made in Magnasanti [L.I.E.S.]
David Meiser – Starting At Hell’s Door [unreleased]
Qindek – Odeesjan (Marcus Henriksson remix) [Wavereform]
Kilner – Tamtara [Avian]
Reznyk – OSC [Armatura]
Disgrace – I [Arts Collective]
Tomohiko Sagae & H Paul – Different Species [subspecies]
Mild Maynyrd – Aaleph (MSQ remix) [Darkfloor Sound]
Stray Dogs – Phaeton [Kvitnu]
Whirling Hall Of Knives – Octopoxxo [WHOK]
Scorp – Malhela [Token]
Edgem – Gun Man At The Icy Lake [Oil Gang]
Wonder – What (Boylan remix) [Oil Gang]
Lotic – Formation (America Is Over Declaration)
Chickenmuch – D.E.N. [unreleased]


Featured Guest

Tonight we present a 45 minute liveset from Beyond – Spain’s multidisciplinary musician and label owner (Urban Legend) Fran Mora.

Fresh from delivering a phenomenal live performance at Barcelona’s Mira Festival last month Mora’s deeply textured, darkwave infused, groaning synth, hard beats make their way to our humble show. It’s a session draped in emotion and power.

In the show’s first hour, brand new Darkfloor Sound (out December 16th) from new our signing Mild Maynyrd, featuring the label’s first remixes (Savier, MSQ and Voidloss) of which we play two. We’ve a cut from Ynoji’s final and stunning album Kojito, new Bad Taste Recordings, new Blawan under his new alias Kilner, Scorp aka Sterac, Lotic, Nonima & Stormfield, new Armatura Records, David Meiser and more.

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