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Mantis Radio 197 – Consulate

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Consulate breaks the new year into splintered shards w/ a fantastic mix. And, new music from Alex Smoke, Kangding Ray, Orphan Swords, thatboytim, OAKE remixing Zosima, and the latest from ARTS.

Alex Smoke – Fall Out [R & S Records]
Derek Rogers – Post-Human [HOLODECK]
SB-Six – Need2Be [Mindtrick]
WSR – No Horizon [CONTORT]
Alex Smoke – Yearning Mississippi [R&S Records]
Orphan Swords – Hooker (Icon Template remix) [Orphan Swords]
Zosima – Embryo (OAKE Excludere remix) [Noiztank]
Donor – Fault Is Found (Takaaki Itoh remix) [Prosthetic Pressings]
Farceb – Return of Nabiru [ARTS]
Timothy Alexander – I [Diacope Records]
Harcom – Lycantropia (D-REX remix) [Club Poison]
Alberto de Cardeña – Prologo (Yuuki Sakai remix) [Subsist]
N.d. – Astonishing Measures [Reaktivate]
thatboytim – Ilidila Ruthless (edit) [unreleased]
Kangding Ray – These Are My Rivers [Raster Noton]

Consulate – Grobari [unreleased]
Muslimgauze – Mujahideen/Emigre [Limited Editions]
L’Estasi Dell’oro – Kingdom for a Kiss [Berceuse Heroique]
Consulate – 1457 [unreleased]
Forward Strategy Group – Tayo Olowu [Perc Trax]
Alberich – Atlantic Munitions Development [Hospital Productions]
Consulate – JNA Artillery Positions [unreleased]
Sawf – Faxta [Audio Assault]
Eric Sneo – Bang the Brain [CLR]
Lofthaus – California Rosé [Algebra of Need]
Arditi – Sturm V [Svartvintras Productions]
Biosphere – Sphere of No-Form [Origo Sound]
Alberich – Skyweeper [Hospital Productions]
Hamlet Gonashvili – Gafrindi Shavo Mertskhalo
Oil Thief – Dirt & Humbug [Chondritic Sound]
Consulate – Bloodline [unreleased]

Babymetal – Gimme Chocolate!! [Ear Music]

Featured Guest

Consulate is the musical project of West Australian Alex Campbell. Based in Perth, his experimental techno sonics are influenced by football culture, Cold War dread, jungle, EBM, East European ultras, breakbeat hardcore and militarism.

The mix isn’t intended for dancefloors and isn’t necessarily an accurate representation of what a Consulate DJ set might sound like – rather a ‘mood board’ of my influences, arranged to create a certain emotional feeling and aesthetic.

Martial drum patterns, psychedelic ambiance and pummeling techno intended to disquiet the listener and encourage them to visualize imagined images for accompaniment.

In the fading embers of 2015 I heard the Portals Editions released Black Narcissus, and it blew me away. So much so I had to reach out and invite Campbell onto the show. The result of which is tonight’s guest session, and what a session to open 2016 with.

From tip to tail, purely fantastic.

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