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Mantis Radio 178 – Chris Goudreau + Corax

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We’ve a joint session this week – from US noise artist Chris Goudreau (aka Sickness & OMEI),  and the Rodz Konez signed Corax.

SOL – Hymn [Cold Spring Records]
Alva Noto – Xerrox Isola [Raster Noton]
Shampoo Boy – Spalt [Blackest Ever Black]
Oto Hiax – Lark [Oto Hiax]
Femme En Fourrure – Blossom [Cocoa Music]
Cale Parks – Appalachia [HAKT Recordings]
Sam Bhok – Pelican [unreleased]
Super UnKnown – ‡ [TH Tar Hallow]
Tomohiko Sagae – Danger Signal (Death Abyss’ All You Need Is Kill mix) [Rodz Konez]
Funk D’Void – Soul Slap [Soma Records]
Padre ft Jova Chasing Mirrors (Lakker remix) [Derelicht]
14anger – Hasta (Dekode remix) [Tripalium Records]
Annie Hall – Memoirs of a Dragon Fruit [SoundCloud]

SICKNESS – A history of Silence
OMEI – I’m sorry I failed you

Kerridge – MPH [Contort]
JK Flesh – Posthuman [3BY3]
Tomohiko Sagae – Rusty Knife [Rodz-Konez]
Broken Bone – A Home For Phthisis [Aperture]
Corax – Sleipnir [Rodz-Konez]
Masculine | Feminine – A2M [Generic Herod Digital]
Cacophoneuses – Wind Twisted Her Hair [Hands]
Makaton – Night #1 [Token]
O/H – Future Ready [Opal Tapes]

Chris Goudreau – Without The Next Breath
Chris Goudreau – LIVE ‘Radioplay’ (recorded exclusively for Mantis Radio)

Featured Guest

Goudreau’s Sickness began back in ’86-’87 as a tape-loop/ industrial project. Over the years growing into the brutal infestation it is today. In 1997 Goudreau formed Ninth Circle Music, a label that would play home to his aural destruction.

Noise is the truest form of music, and as Sickness we wish to spread this blessed disease.

As far as Corax, there isn’t much we can say, much like label mates Death Abyss there is no information we can find. It quite literally is just about the music. Coming in May on Rodz Konez is their 48th release, a remix EP of Tomohiko Sagae’s Rusty Knife featuring a version by Corax, label head Makaton and the equally anonymous Death Abyss.

Speaking of Makaton, keep an eye out as he and Goudreau will be doing a spilt release soon on Rodz Konez.

You’ll be able to catch Goudreau at Ende Tymes Festival in May and in June at Apex Fest.

Mantis Radio returns, April 28th with a session from WIKAN.

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