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Mantis Radio 137 – Israel Vines

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We head to LA to present a session from Borrowed Language’s Israel Vines. Hear new music from Si Begg, MORD, PAN, Gantz, Royal T, Rory St John, Touchin’ Bass …

Si Begg – Land of Hope [Addictech]
Uschi-No-Michi – Ameratsu (Adrian Carter Vocal Edit) [Uschi-No-Michi]
Ben Bix – Trying To Act Poetically [Psychonavigation]
Simplicity is Beauty – Deep Thought Mind Implosion [dub]
Emptyset – Function – Vulgar Display of Power (Roly Porter Variation) [Subtext]
Daniel Bjarnason – Emergence I. Silence [Bedroom Community]
Greg Gow + Gareth Whitehead – Vacant (Silent Servant remix) [EPM]
Interplanetary Prophets – Burning Chrome [Planet Mu]
Concrete Fence – Caulk [PAN]
Inofaith – Reticent [Mindtrick Records]
Ajtim – Fay [Ensydaen Records]
Wire – Rail [MORD]
Etapp Kyle – Drama [Klockworks]
Plaster – Reflex In The Gloom [Touchin’ Bass]
Qoso – Crossroads [In Paradisum]
Rory St John – Astroakoustic One [Acroplane]
Royal T – I Know You Want Me [Rinse]
Gantz – Lyrical Trick [Innamind Recordings]

Deathprod – Dead People’s Things [Rune Grammofon]
Robert Henke – Layer 009 [Imbalance Computer Music]
TM404 – 303 303 303 303 [Kontra-Musik]
Zeitgeber – Body Out [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Melvins – Shevil [Atlantic]
Throbbing Gristle – Still Talking [Industrial Records]
David Yow – Lawrence Of A Labia [Joyful Noise Recordings]
Lee Gamble – Kuang Shaped Prowla [PAN]
Thomas Köner – 41° 24′ N 2° 10′ E Hour Twelve [Fario]
Monolake – Observatory [Imbalance Computer Music]
Hunting Lodge – Sounds Like A Picture [S/M Operations]
Mordant Music – The Tower (Empty Fortress) [Mordant Music]
Demdike Stare – Violetta [Modern Love]
Miles – Archaic Thought Pattern [Modern Love]
Om – Cremation Ghat II [Drag City]
Throbbing Gristle – Persuasion [Industrial Records]
Einstürzende Neubauten – Schwarz [Zickzack]


Label owner of Borrowed Language, DJ and a rising talent in the studio – Israel Vines is currently based in Los Angeles but hails from Michigan where like many who lived in the state home to Detroit, discovered techno through the sounds of the Belleville Three and Underground Resistance. Suitably impressed it wasn’t long after becoming enraptured by these sounds that Vines started DJing and would later be instrumental in the Lansing Real-ism event – hosting the sounds of Jay Denham, Robert Hood and Dan Bell.

Like his contemporaries Surgeon and Rob Hall, Vines approach to DJing is diverse and cohesive – incorporating classics of house and techno with dubstep rhythms and bassweight. His Borrowed Language label reflects this open-minded aesthetic too – with the releases bridging between fractured technoid thud, heavy sub and dark room mechanics – proper Darkfloor vibes.

Several of his ‘techno’ sets are available online to stream – his session for us tonight, some different again with what Vines describes as “an odd one…“. Expect dark ambient, abstract electronica textures.

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