bangwagon 26 / DVNT

Whilst sometimes it feels like we’ve been doing the show longer; no doubt because there was a radio show before this one that I helped Clodhoppa with from time to time; it was the shows first anniversary, indeed our birthday in October.

Show hosting fell to me so I dug deep and came up with 2 hours of electronic sound, beginning with My Bloody Valentine and ending with Burning Spear. Along the way I played work from Marco Bernardi, DJ Krush, Lory D, Clodhoppa, Chicago Gangsters, Plaid, Africa HiTech, Om Unit, Aesop Rock and A Guy Called Gerald, together with other bits here n there.

If you have listened to this show in the past year, thank you. It is a bit left of centre compared to the core of what I push here at Darkfloor but many of you have diverse tastes.

bangwagon 26 / DVNT

My Bloody Valentine – Soon (Andrew Weatherall Mix) [Creation Records]
Adam F – Metropolis [EMI]
Marco Bernardi – Sprinkles (Deeperama) [Creme Organisation]
Burial – dog shelter (essáy’s old edit) [dub]
being – ayemooth [Special Emissions]
Lory D – T.T. [Rephlex]
Horace Andy – Ain’t No Sunshine [Trojan]
Boska – Extraperennial [Love OD Communications]
DJ Krush – Meiso (Vocal Mix) by DJ Shadow [Sony Records]
Clodhoppa – Ronnies Rhodes [dub]
Dorbid – How It Feels [dub]
A Guy Called Gerald – Final Call [Studio !K7]
Chicago Gangsters – On The Way [Gold Plate Records]
Chicago Gangsters – Gangster Love [Gold Plate Records]
Goldie – Unkle [FFRR]
Plaid – Scoobs [Warp]
Jean Claude Vannier – Mort Du Roi Des Mouches [Finders Keepers Records]
Dubblestandart – Chrome Optimism Kush Aroras (Tropical Bass remix) [Subatomic Sound]
Clodhoppa – If I Can Get By [dub]
Africa HiTech – Spirit [Warp]
Jean Paul Bondy – Something is Not Right (the wee djs mix) [dub]
Om Unit – The Corridor (Kromestar’s Classroom Seven mix) [dub]
Sclist – Remote [dub]
Oddateee – Not Even One (Si Begg remix 1) [Jarring FX]
A Guy Called Gerald – I Make It (feat. David Simpson) [Studio !K7]
Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass [Definitive Jux]
Burning Spear – Thank You [Mango]


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