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Mantis Radio 343 – Surgeon

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In session today it’s British techno titan Surgeon.

Also on today’s show, new music from Jazz-o-Tech’s Lyder, Sturqen, Objekt, Local Suicide and Curses, Simon Grab and Luke Lund, Houndtooth’s Wordcolour, Darkfloor Sound and Interjector, Hercules & The Love Affair, Stacie-Anne Churchman, and Shed.

Nine Inch Nails – The Wretched (remix) [Nothing Records]
Rob Paine, Heights – Selassie’s Song (Version) [Worship Recordings]
Lyder – Helichrysum [Jazz-o-Tech]
Sturqen – Modu [metaphysik]
Local Suicide w/ Curses – Whispering [Iptamenos Discos]
Objekt – Bad Apples [OBJEKT]
Simon Grab – Adaption (Luke Lund remix) [sound-space]
Slikback – Geometry [self released]
Wordcolour – Babble [Houndstooth]
Interjector – Slab [Darkfloor Sound]
Stefan Alexis – Eratosthene (feat. Inland) [Counterchange Records]
Gianluca Caiati – Surrender (Substance remix) [K S R]
Lag & Deapmash – Promaja [THEM]

Lakker – Antikythera Mechanism [LKRTRX]
Ploy – Stinky [Deaf Test]
re:ni – Spirits [Ilian Tape]
Heritage – Chrome [Scuffed Recordings]
95Bones & Wager – Purple Hilt (East London Aerial Mix) [Scuffed Recordings]
Oscean – Spiral [Tresor]
DJ Overdose – Turns Out Eddy Has No Friends [L.I.E.S. Records]
Simo Cell – Yes.DJ [TEMET Music]
Avernian – Haedron
Inigo Kennedy – Glitter [Asymmetric]
Farron – Tensit [Shaw Cuts]
Avernian – Stitch
NKC – Strak [Sea Cucumber]
Delay Grounds – Itch [Lapsus Records]
De Schuurman – Bubbling Freakz [Nyege Nyege Tapes]
LeftLeft – Right Under [Dudbridge Garage International]
Ryan James Ford – Kaki (Promethazine Mix) [DUB Recordings]
Ploy – 5G Bats [Deaf Test]
Laksa – Sen On One [Timedance]

Stacie-Anne Churchman – Sarang [Goddezz]
Shed – September 5th [KulturManufaktur]
Hercules & Love Affair feat. Anohni – Poisonous Storytelling (Justin K Broadrick remix) [Skint]

Featured Guest

Releasing brutalist cuts since the early 90s through his own labels Counterbalance and Dynamic Tension as well as Tresor and Downwards, Surgeon is an artist that has continued to evolve his sound.

His mix for Mantis Radio today is a fantastic selection of bass and broken beat tech that reaffirms his skills manipulating sound, be that in the club or the studio. For an overview of Surgeon’s solo material and career let me direct your attention to PRIMER, a new introductions mix series.

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