Mantis Radio 074 + Inigo Kennedy

by on November 28, 2010 in Broadcasts


In for a session this week, Manchester’s dark Lord of techno Inigo Kennedy.

Burnt Friedman  The Nu Dub Players – Hard Drive Dub [~scape]
Segue – Pocket Full of Blue (Pleq remix) [U-Cover Minidisc]
Erissoma – Find My Etchings (feat. Bird of Passage) [Abstrakt Reflections]
Isotroph – Kenya (opti’s Uhuru Peak remix) [Airflex Labs]
Fever Ray – Coconut (Bird of Prey remix) [dub]
Untold – Fly Girls [Soul Jazz]
Untold – Come Follow Me [Soul Jazz]
Sunil Sharpe – Print More Money + Shut Up! [Mantrap]
ZZino vs Accelerator – Electroplasm [Re-load Records]
Luke Slater – Boom Tang Schwuck [Ostgut Ton]
Luke Creed – Leichtreas (Gunjack remix) [Gobsmacked Records]
dub_teq – Always the Victim []
Si Begg – I Thunk Therefore I am []
Tipper – Furlong (Buckfunk 3000’s Dead Leg mix) [Tippermusic]
Mazzula – Partisan [dub]
Galaxian – Repent [Transient Force]
SPOOKHOUSE – Durt Ball [dub]
+ Alavux – YUGO []
Samuli Kemppi – Quantum Mechanics (Planetary Assault Systems dub edit) [Mote-Evolver]
Marcel Dettman – Scrourer [Ostgut Ton]
Scanner – Conal Stone [Stereophonic Elefant Dance Recordings]
Radioactive Man – Uranium [Rotters Golf Club]

Inigo Kennedy – Obsidian [TOKEN017]
Inigo Kennedy – Quagmire [TOKEN017]
Inigo Kennedy – Mood [ASYMP3019]
Aphex Twin – Tha [AMB3922]
Inigo Kennedy – Terpsichore [ASYMP3012]
Inigo Kennedy – Triangle [ASYMP3019]
Inigo Kennedy – Roundabound [ASYMP3019]
Inigo Kennedy – The Shard [TOKEN014]
Inigo Kennedy – Pressure Point [ASYMP3018]
Inigo Kennedy – Slipstream [ASYMP3017]
Jonas Kopp – M33 [SADIG004]
Inigo Kennedy – Caverns [dub]
Tomohiko Sagae – Sodium Cyanide (Datamine Extraction Mix) [MAK027]
Inigo Kennedy – Cloudless [dub]
Samuli Kemppi – MCK (Inigo Kennedy remix) [dub]
Inigo Kennedy – Bananas [ASYMP3018]
Inigo Kennedy – Plankspanker [ASYMP3014]
Casual Violence – Formandname [TRUST]
Inigo Kennedy – Laconic [ASYMP3019]
Inigo Kennedy – Muck Shelf [ASYMP3019]

broadcast 28.11.2010


To say I’m rather pleased with myself to have snared Inigo Kennedy for the show would be an understatement. I’ve been massively impressed by his techno prowess over the past couple of years, be they his impressively direct and focused yet musically developed mixes and sets, his dancefloor slaying productions or his commitment to his netlabel and label Asymmetric. On November 29th Inigo has his latest release out on the always on point Token Records as a limited edition green marbled 12? vinyl offering (with a digital release too so don’t worry). By all accounts it’s a hefty bomb and one of the techno releases of the year.

His productions are always pushing techno forward, leaving formulaic beats at the door, but without some sort of bizarre confusing lacklustre and ultimately weak sound. Quite the opposite in fact, as a case in point I present his most recent release, and my own short review, on his Asymmetric label: Magnificent Spaces. With continuing worldwide presence in the clubs of Japan, Britain, Slovakia, Hungary, China, Ireland amongst many more, Inigo Kennedy is thundering forward with superb proper techno.

He has a quite comprehensive biography up on his site, giving a good insight into his journey so far with music, so I won’t even try to condense it down, I’ll just say, read it and go see him perform.

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