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Mantis Radio 35 – Ohmwerk

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Ohmwerk steps up to the guest session with a mean selection of dubstep and techy bassweight. In the show’s first hour, music from Clark, Trentemøller, Dessben, Solar Chrome, Radial, Bassbin Twins, Gunjack, Distance, Galaxian, and loads more.

Clark – Growls Garden [Warp Records]
D-Fried – Inner Tourist [Phonocake]
Trentemøller vs. DJ Lab – Rauta (Boys Mix) [Echocord]
John Roya – The Skyscraper [monomental]
Troy Pierce – 25 Bitches (Hearthrob remix) [Minus]
Troy Pierce – 25 Bitches (Gaiser’s Too Many Bitches Makeover) [Minus]
Dessben – Proyecto Mangosta [Off Audio]
John Roya – Dark Attraction [monomental]
Retax Gorgon – Nanobots Attack [nonstopnonsense.netlab]
Terrence Dixon – Tranquilty (Octogen remix) [Nice + Nasty]
Solar Chrome – Controlled Reality [Maschinen Musik]
Radial – Tempname [ARMS]
Bassbin Twins – Ruffest [Bassbin Records]
OG – DRC [midnightminustwo]
Gunjack – Stringers Lament [unreleased]
Distance – Cyclops (deadman dj remix) [dubplate]
Sascha Müller – Lonesome Acidman [Xynthetic Netlabel]
Galaxian – End of Forever [Black Montanas]
Oxynucid – ph6.8 [The Centrifuge]
Steve Roach – Further Inside [Projekt]

Ohmwerk – Urban [unreleased]
Ohmwerk – Templar [Polygohm]
Major Klemt – Boxstep [Polygohm]
Led Piperz – Aerial [Airflex Lab]
Major Klemt – Framball Z [unreleased]
Major Klemt + Flatmate – Cookers [Polygohm Records]
Led Piperz – Otherside Dub [Airflex Lab]
Ohmwerk – Templar (Hycid mix) [JFX Bits #1]
British Murder Boys – Hate Is Such A Strong Word [Counterbalance]
Gunjack – El Soplo Del Diablo (Noiz remix) [Consume Recordings]
Broken Note – War In The Making [Ruff]
Ohmwerk – Proton Collider [unreleased]
Excision & Bassnectar – Nation (Ohmwerk edit) [unreleased]
Flatmate – Leo [Polygohm Records]
Murdrum (AKA Ohmwerk) – Darkblood [unreleased]
Murdrum – Rudebwoy Sound (part1) [unreleased]
Ohmwerk – Trust Me [unreleased]
Murdrum – Rudebwoy Sound (part2) [unreleased]
Murdrum – Suffering [unreleased]
Murdrum – Secret Sound [unreleased]
Murdrum – Badman Time [unreleased]
Proxy – Ready To Watching [Turbo Recordings]
Noiz – Slashback [Yellow Machines]
Excision – More Obvious [unreleased]
Si Begg – My Style (My First remix by Ohmwerk) [unreleased]

Featured Guest

After dub_teq‘s mammoth session last time around, today we’ve got the French producer-cum-bass monster Ohmwerk.

Producing music since around 1997, alongside his brother Major Klemt, Ohmwerk favours a varied style of electro, writing mutated dubstep, in addition to dark drum & bass, acid rave, and experimental beats. His current sound is best described as encamped with the grime-y techy bracket of bass music – with hard, angular rhythms, twisted bass mechanics and dark atmospherics grinding.

Supported by DJs from across the board from BBC Radio 1 (Mary Anne Hobbs), Dubstep FM and of course the mighty Brap FM, Ohmwerk runs the label Polygohm with Major Klemt, stamping out one hell of a sonic footprint, very clearly their own.

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