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Mantis Radio 12 – Lawgiverz

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Number 12. We present the Lawgiverz. Oh yes. In a change to our previously advertised showcase from CONFOUNDED we are over the moon to present an exclusive (as always) mix from the breakbeat pioneers that are the Lawgiverz. With music by Tipper, Timo Mass, Radial, Byetone, Bassbin Twins, Ohmwerk, Autechre and more.

Tipper – L.E.D. Down (Orchestral Mix) [Tipper Music]
File with Interpol – Refluxtion [Myuzyk]
Hell Interface – Midas Touch (remix) [White]
Timo Maas – Feedback Welcome [unreleased]
Monster X – Mc Eater [Bedroom Research]
Monster X – Deadly [Bedroom Research]
Robag Wruhme – Hugendubel [Musik Krause]
Gyu – Cold Rock [Digital Distortions]
Mad Tek – Fix VIP [Digital Distortions]
Bassbin Twins – ESW [Marine Parade]
Ohmwerk – Templar [Polygohm Records]
Tipper – Supersport (TwinTag Radial edit) [Tipper Music]
Grooverider – Where’s Jack the Ripper (Tipper remix) [Higher Ground]
Toasty – Angel (Si Begg remix) [Hotflush]
Crooked One – Mr Sunshine [unreleased]
Byetone – Plastic Star [Raster Noton]
Radial – Moeilijk (Bas Mooy remix) [Audio Assault]
Radial – Dynamo [Palicavonzvreca]
Autechre – Second Peng (Threnody remix) [unreleased]
Si Begg – thefutureisnow [Noodles Institute of Technology]

Matinee Club – Sometimes (Lawgiverz remix) [Addictech Records]
Antennae – Destroy the System (Lawgiverz remix) [Muti Music]
Lawgiverz – Modplux [unreleased]
Lawgiverz – Dottle Duster Squareplug
Lawgiverz – Brzap!
Lawgiverz – Tripod Shuffle Wobulus
Skeetaz – Gators (Lawgiverz remix) [Addictech Records]
Carbon Community – Dr Spectacles (Lawgiverz remix) [Re:Connect]
Son Of The Electric Ghost – Convict of Nature (Lawgiverz remix) [Addictech Records]
Lawgiverz – Dubble Buggy [Addictech Records]

Zwart Licht Kommando – Dynachord [Myuzyk]

Featured Guest

If you like electro breaks, or the breakbeat sound before it all went plod and house then you should be aware of the immense combined talents of R Kidz and Noize, aka the Lawgiverz. Holographic bassforms, twisted electronics and heavy glitched bass. Not many mixes exist of this duo, but they have pulled out all the stops with a superb showcase.

Residents at the Trigger nights in Birmingham and guaranteed to slaughter any dancefloor. This duo are unique in their approach to sound design and truly understand their sound and it’s delivery to audiences around the world.

With a showcase of upcoming releases and recent remixes it is with the biggest smile on my face that this broadcast’s showcase is the Lawgiverz.

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