Hedchef on Area 3000

Listen to Hedchef’s radio show Area 3000 featuring Interjector

Hedchef came in hot for his first solo show on Melbourne’s Area 3000 Radio last week. His 60 minutes ran through a bumper crop of fresh bass & tech cuts including a few new bits from himself as well as two from our new Darkfloor Sound release – Interjector‘s Parashimmers.

Comin’ in hot – for my first solo excursion on Naarm’s incomparable Area 3000 Radio, I’ve packed the place up to the rafters with weird, warm and wonky club-focused heaters. Ensure your helmets and knee pads are worn at all times.

Parashimmers drops this Friday, September 9th. The limited stock of vinyl we have of this one is selling fast. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Hedchef released with us back in 2020 the track Cortical Vault as part of that years Winter Solstice compilation, alongside material from subduxtion, Si Begg, Khost feat. Stephen Mallinder, Warcrimes, Herd, Go Hiyama, Sunken Foal, Yuri Urano, and Dodssang Tempel.

Hedchef · Area 3000 – Hedchef – 30/8/22

Mick Gristle & Hasvat Informant – Last Apparition [unreleased]
Interjector – Designer [Darkfloor Sound] *
Interjector – Brush [Darkfloor Sound] *
Bolam – Chugguga [Excess Bristol] *
Destrata – Tributaries (Pluralist remix) [eatmybeat]
Selected Dream Memories – Waving At Clouds (Fluid Matter Rework) [Virtual Forest]
Hedchef – Fifteen Hundred Limbs (Rakjay Dubplate Special) [unreleased]
Gilsun – Bad Path [Extra Spicy]
An Avrin – Paticake [Scuffed]
Alavux – Cardiography [self-released] *
Mod-R – Emotion [unreleased]
Premis – Adobo (Sha Ru remix) [Sound Transmissions]
Hedchef – Source Confusion [unreleased]
Benga – 26 Basslines (LOST edit) [self-released]
Tamlin & Parry – Rush [Scuffed]
Joe – Claptrap (Hedchef VIP) [unreleased]
Hasvat Informant – Credit Score [unreleased]
Aloka – Movement VIP [self-released]
Morelia – Stronga [Teethy]
Portway – 5am In Filton [unreleased]

* forthcoming


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