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Out Now: Gnarled Horse Throat debut ‘A Futile Stream of Commands’ feat. Luke Lund, Mick Harris

Sludge convulses, shudders, and oozes forth from the industrial machine.

Pittsburgh’s Gnarled Horse Throat arrive on Darkfloor Sound and grind it out in full display for their debut, all over the floor.

A Futile Stream of Commands‘ comes backed with remixes by Finland’s mutant dub and sonic experimentalist Luke Lund. And the original heavyweight, one of Birmingham’s finest. Scorn himself, Mick Harris. With three further versions by Throat in addition to their six original cuts, their first release is all heft, all swamp, all Darkfloor Sound.

Recorded in 2018/19 ‘Futile…‘ represents two protein bags on the brink… strapped into a disorderly room full of spasming modulars and a drum machine.

Out now on digital formats and available on Bandcamp and our Darkfloor Store.
Cassette edition available December 2nd w/ hand stamped velvet cover.


Cassette product show of Gnarled Horse Throat

Gnarled Horse Throat


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