Darkfloor Sound on Melodic Distraction - April 2023

Melodic Distraction – April 2023

Listen back to the April edition of our radio show for Melodic Distraction.

Metal and soul from Zeal & Ardor greet you from the off, before new blues ambient from Manchester’s Rat Heart Ensemble starts a heads down percussive tech selection featuring tracks from Aasthma, Ian DPM, Kamikaze Space Programme, Syn, Tensal, Skee Mask, Mord, Mathew Jonson, Safety Session, Pugilist, Boris Noiz, Peverelist, Bronski Beat, and MC Yallah.

Shouts to our producer Izzy and the MD team for dealing with the power cut we had midway through, midway through Pev’s track Pulse III. Thankfully there was a recording from before the power loss to be able to stitch together the show.

From next month our Melodic show will be moving to the 4th Tuesday of the month and expanding to 2 hours. We’ll drop an announcement with more information ahead of the next show, May 23rd, 8pm.

Zeal & Ardor – Run [Mvka]
Rat Heart Ensemble – Liar’s Eyes [Shotta Tapes]
Aasthma – Floodlights [Aasthma]
Ian DPM – KE01 [!k7]
Kamikaze Space Programme – The Bailiff [Mote-Evolver]
Ozwald – She’s A Wreck [Flood]
Syn – Temper [Even The Strong]
Peverelist – Pulse III [Livity Sound]
Skee Mask – Reviver [Ilian Tape]
Tensal – Intermixture [Kynant Records]
Viels & Pyramidal Decode – Privazione Individuale [Mord]
Kazuya Kawakami – Sleeping Pig (Hiroake Iizuka remix) [HueHelix]
Holden Federico – Emergence [SK_Eleven]
Mathew Jonson – Marionette (Shanti Celeste remix) [sapians]
Safety Session – Untitled [Inside]
Pugilist – Circuit Breaker [Of Paradise]
Boris Noiz – Inceptive Point [Yellow Machines]
Bronkski Beat – Why? (Mark Broom edit) [self released]
MC Yallah X Debmaster – No One Seems To Bother (Feat Lord Spikeheart) [Hakuna Kulala]

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