Ontal’s mix for The Forgotten.

The Serbian duo of Ontal (Boris Noiz and Darko Dekode) drop a heavyweight 65 minutes for Mexican mix series The Forgotten. Expect dark, harsh technoid, much like their debut EP – Output.


Savier – That’ll Be The End Of You [Bloody Funny Clown]
Plukkk – Hunting [Sombra]
Ontario Hospital – Future Ready [Opal Tapes]
S. English – Look-Alike [Unknown Precept]
Manni Dee – Symbiotic [Leyla Records]
Dronelock & Ontal – Deductive Reasoning [Shadow Story]
Sleeparchive – Senza Titolo Three [Mord]
Plukkk – K012 (Manni Dee remix) [Sombra]
Damaskin – Catacomb [Noiztank]
Perc – Gob [Perc Trax]
Surgeon – Zilla [SRX]
Blush Response – Fenix [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
Drøp – Epileptic Heritage (Dadub remix) [Arboretum]
Flint Kids – Sancerre (C Mantle remix) [Abstrakt Reflections]
Løt.te – History Of Discipline [The Bunker New York]
Inigo Kennedy – Requiem Requiem (Regis ‘Human Host’ Mix) [Token]
Go Hiyama – Modeling Of Lights [Hue Helix]
Casual Violence – Burn It All Down [Plector]
Volkan Akaalp – Contact [Giallo Disco]
Container – Cushion [Spectrum Spools]
Makaton – Night #1 [Token]
Antenes – Fire Rises [L.I.E.S.]
Arcanoid – Acto [odio]
Dronelock & Ontal – The End of Eternity [Shadow Story]
Christoph De Babalon – It’s Returning [Love Love Records]


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