Kangding Ray live at Siestes Electroniques, Paris, July 7, 2013

Shared by the man himself this is Kangding Ray‘s performance at the Siestes Electroniques which took place in July at Paris’ Quai Branly Museum –

the largest museum in the world dedicated to non-Western cultures, with a collection of over 300,000 works from Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas

They offer to a select dozen musicians access to the audio collection of the museum and subsequently each artist is invited to reinterpret his explorations with a sound piece or DJ set.

Kangding’s 45 minutes melds the sources of Inuit Throat singing (katajjaq); the vocal music of African Pygmees tribes from Gabon, North Congo, and the Central African Republic; Indian Tabla lessons (Mnemonic syllables) and Zhosa polyphonic voices from South Africa into tribal rhythms, glitches, thuds and all told a quite fantastic listen.

Kangding Ray recorded live at Siestes Electroniques, Paris, 07/07/2013


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