Savagen’s Savier records a mix for Artificial Hate Factory

A few weeks back, Savier (one half of Darkfloor’s Scottish blackened duo Savagen) recorded a paint it all black, techno grinder session for fnoob radio.

Broadcast on Lex Gorecore & Doller Bitte’s monthly show Artificial Hate Factory, Savier doesn’t hold back on the sonic assault (you have been warned). Packed, as it is, with fresh dirt and forthcoming noise, including some unreleased material from Savagen and the duo’s other half, fellow Scot, Ingen. Also in the mix there’s the likes of C Mantle, Ontal, JK Flesh and Matt TDK. #

Savier – Artificial Hate Factory

LLB – Sanitised Music For Sanitised Minds
SAVAGEN – This Is My Bollocking Face [unreleased]
Ingen & Boris Noiz – Spikes [Combat Recordings]
Necro Deathmort – Repeat
Ancient Methods vs Kareem – Dammerung Der Parhella (Ancient Methods Interperetaion) [Fondation Sonore]
Ingen – Gray Mare’s Tail [unreleased]
Blackwood – TS 2 [Statement Load Error Recordings]
JK Flesh – Dogmatic [3by3]
Ontal – EMR (Airslikremix) [RDL47 Records]
C Mantle – Kindly Ones V5 [Earwiggle]
Savier – Split Beef Sandwich [Bloody Funny Clown]
Element Abuse – Abbot Marble [Anti Narcose]
Pished On Drugs – This Is Pish 01
Formal Method – Bodytrap [ureleased]
Matt TDK – Untitled #3
Huck Farper – With Both Hands (Jive Pilot Edit)
Concrete/Field – Devastator


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