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Mantis Radio 247 – Lana Del Rabies

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Lana Del Rabies serves up a noisy session mixtape for us, whilst DVNT plays new + old including the likes of Yves Tumor, 10cc, Wolves in The Throne Room, a cover of Gary Numan, ENA, Si Begg, and Overlook.

Darkfloor Sound · Mantis Radio 247 – Lana Del Rabies

10cc – Art for Art’s Sake [Mercury]
Torus – Venga [PraxisHouston]
Badger Kull – PURE FUUKING ARMAGEDDON (Engraver) [Badger Kull]
Danila Plee – Interstate ft. Ivan Baryshnikov [#internetghetto]
Yves Tumor – Dry Guillotine [self released]
Wolves In The Throne Room – The Old Ones Are With Us [Artemisia Records]
SCRAAATCH – Closer [PraxisHouston]
Englesia – Don’t FW Me [PraxisHouston]
Overlook – Blue Rose [UVB-76 Music]
Loxy and Resound – League of Shadows [Samurai Music]
ENA – Absorption #2 [Samurai Horo]
Yves Tumor – AfricaAshes [self released]
Si Begg – Non Stop Cut Paste (Jacob London Interminable remix) [Noodles Recordings]
Gary Numan – Metal (KANGA Cover) [self released]
Retsof – Traten [Input Output Systems]

Bonaventure – Supremacy [Purple Tape Pedigree]
Lotic – Heterocetera [Tri Angle]
Hide – 91 Lashes [Joyful Noise Recordings]
Plack Blague – The Touch [Fuck Mtn. Label Records]
Søren – Side A Excerpt (Aimless Nameless) [Ascetic House]
Girl Pusher – BEST ECVER [Memory No. 36 Recordings]
Toxe – Xic [Halcyon Veil]
Grypt – Witch In The Woods [Cleopatra Records]
Author & Punisher – Teething [Housecore Records]
Human Traffic – Blood Orphan [YOUTH 1984]
Baseck – Denial (Lana Del Rabies remix) [self released]
The Body – Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain [Rvng Intl.]
Alice Glass – Natural Selection [Loma Vista]
Kanga – Wanted [self released]
Pharmakon – Transmission [Sacred Bones Records]
Nine Inch Nails – The Background World [The Null Corporation]
Lana Del Rabies – Unwilling (instrumental excerpt) [Deathbomb Arc]

Featured Guest

My guest this week is Lana Del Rabies.

A US artist based out of Phoenix, AZ, she released her debut In The End I Am A Beast last year on Deathbomb Arc. It really blew me away. I had to reach out and invite her onto the show. Without outright adhering to any single musical movement, her music references several different styles, including noise, pop, industrial, witch house, darkwave and shoegaze. Her session for us does not disappoint, indeed it contains loads of stuff I’m going to be hunting for. It also includes forthcoming material from Lana, due mid October.

In the first hour of this week’s show we feature 3 tracks from the PRAXIS HOUSTON compilation – a very tidy collection of 13 tracks. All of the funds raised by it will be donated to the Greater Houston Autonomous Relief, a grassroots coalition of groups from the Greater Houston community coming together to offer direct support to those most impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Featured on the compilation are Laurel Halo, Kareem Lotfy, Endgame, Scraaatch, Englesia, Torus, Kamixlo, Santa Muerte, Mya Gomez, Qualiatik, Dasychira, Chino Amobi, Bob Traxx, & Malcriado.

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