Dez Williams’ all in check electro liveset

The past 12 months have seen a healthy stream of electro increasingly make its way out of studios into DJs record boxes and listeners ears. One of the names responsible – Welshman Dez Williams.

From remixing Hardfloor and playing Jerome Hill’s Don’t night at the tail end of 2013 – Williams has seen his profile grow steadily over 2014. Playing at Killekill Electrix, releasing on Bedouin Records, sharing vinyl with DJ Stingray and Scape One on Trust; and putting out several EPs worth of original material on his own Elektronik Religion imprint. Just some of his achievement over the last 12 months.

Perhaps the best introduction to the electro excellence that Williams is capable of, from his 20+ studio years, is a liveset of his work. Recorded back in late November, what follows below this paragraph is exactly that – two hours of wall-to-wall Dez Williams material that was performed and streamed live for Thump Thursdays. Enjoy. I did.


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