Hoth System – 90s Techno Mix

One of our favourite techno producers, Belfast’s Hoth System is, on the occasion that he records a mix a great selector as this, a recent recording of his for fnoob’s TEKK 90 show proves.

Focusing on 90s techno exclusively, this vinyl mix of his is hard, raw and not without a certain funk shuffle. Which means, if you’re like me and got hooked on techno post 2000, this mix is a goldmine for tracks to hunt down and add into the home library vault. It’s also a damn fine mix, complete with a few slips on the mixing of the black wax something the ‘sync’ button all but removes these days; the risk of mistake and imperfection.

Presenting the work of Female, Richard Polson, James Ruskin, Oliver Ho, The Advent, Shock System, Jeff Mills and a bunch more artists I’m less than familiar with, the fittingly named ‘90s techno mix‘ is an hour of sequenced noises you, as a reader of Darkfloor, will enjoy. And it’s also a style of techno you rarely hear anymore.

Hoth System – 90s Techno Mix
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The Cause – Out Of Balance (Part 2) [Fragmented] 1998
Denver McCarthy – Ruffage (Jel Ford remix) [Primevil] 2001
Female – Surrounded By Enemies [Downwards] 1999
Throb – Intensiven [Primate] 1997
Red Frame – A1 [Red Frame 02] 1998
Access 58 – Transient [Access58] 1998
Beat Tools – B1 [Beat Tools 02] 1999
Richard Polson – A2 Episode EP [Surface] 1998
Outline Meets Surgeon – B1 [Blueprint] 1997
Polson & Ruskin – B1 Institute For The Future [Surface] 1997
Outline – First Contact [Blueprint] 1996
Shock System – A1 Disco Inferno [Tortured] 1999
Jan Magnus – Whipped Cream [G-Force] 1997
Mark Williams – Instant [Tortured] 1999
Oliver Ho – Wonders [Blueprint] 1997
System 7 – Ring of Fire (The Advent Touch3) [Butterfly] 1998
The Advent – Jamming [Internal]
Regis – Body Unknown [Downwards] 1998
Jeff Mills – La Force [Purpose Maker] 1997
Re-Formatic – Secret For 4 Years [Intense] 1998
Marco Bailey – Liquid [Intense] 1998
Stu Grant – B1 The Chair & The Chairmaker [Embryo] 1999
District 1 – The Gathering [Tortured] 1998
Gain – Sway (Multiple choice) [Geometric] 1998
Oliver Ho – Devices [Surface] 1997


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