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Horror Brawl – live at Semi-Detatched 2010-05-08

The Horror Brawl duo of Digital Distortions Bushby and Neil B, recorded live at Semi-Detatched, May 8th 2010.

Horror Brawl (aka Bushby and Neil M) are based in Leeds and have been DJing together for many years. Hard to pigeon hole they are known for their diverse sound incorporating techno, house, dubstep, machine funk and any other genre they like. This love and knowledge of many genres means they have had a few residencies in Leeds throughout their career but have also played gigs in London and Bristol. Now they can be found regularly rocking the various rooms at Detatched; whether it be banging it out in the warehouse or playing more subdued vibes in the backroom. When not playng at Detatched they run two respected digital labels: Digital Distortions and Limetree Projects which specialise in releasing quality futuristic dancefloor electronics and techno from new and little known producers.

Horror Brawl – live at Semi-Detatched 2010-05-08
Mad-Tek – The Dark Age (Ion Driver remix) [Digital Distortions]
Rory St. John – Sadbat [Limetree Projects]
Mad-Tek – The Dark Age (Joby’s Original) [Digital Distortions]
Tony Rohr & Dietrich Schoenemann – Stovepipe (Metalogic remix) [Perc Trax]
Freaky Chakra – Facist Funk [Astralwerks]
Tony Rohr & Dietrich Schoenemann – Stovepipe (Perc & Metalogic remix) [Perc Trax]
Fran Hartnett – Alpha [Mantrap]
Woody McBride – Suitcase of Water
Michaelangelo – The Thaumaturgist (Exium remix) [Subsist]
Casual Violence – Briefly Sexual (Siege remix)
Green Velvet – La La Land (Dave Clarke remix) [Relief]
Jeff Mills – The Bells [Purpose Maker]
Mike Absolom – Fuel (Errol Dix remix) [Dublin X-Press]
Groove Asylum – Riffin (The Remix) [Don’t]
DJ Kamikaze – All That Wurk [50Hz]
Damon Wild & Tim Taylor – Bang The Acid (Claude Young remix) [Missile]
Mad-Tek – The Dark Age (Rory St. John remix) [Digital Distortions]
Jega – Aerodynamic [Planet Mu]


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