Dead Baby In A Plastic Bag – The Face Of Protest

Around these parts we love a bit of Dead Baby in a Plastic Bag.

No we’re not that deranged, I’m of course talking about the 2 man DJ team from Germany comprising of members Unclean and Pripad. Check out their immense Sheer Reason May Never Prevail mix for a bit more into who they are, what they do, and how they do it.

This one, The Face of Protest was recorded about a year ago. I never saw it, and neither did a few others, so DBIAPB reupped it, which is how I present it to you from the fine and twisted shores of darkfloor isle. These guys know how to select quality sound. Whether that be dank warehouse techno, early industrial, future dubstep or just hypnotic electronics. What follows is one serious flex of sound.

Dead Baby In A Plastic Bag – The Face Of Protest

Psychic TV – In The Nursery
Signal – Wismut
Foward Strategy Group – Untitled
Ancient Methods – Untitled (Education Through Pain remix W III)
Kode9 – Ping
Rosemary Malign – Chains
Milton Bradley – Dystopian Vision
OVR – Fallen Night Renew
Roebin De Freitas – Webs Made Of Nylon
Moljebka Pvise – Aftermath
Peter Van Hoesen – LTO Mess (Visual Version)
Female – Untitled
Marcel Fengler – Yaki
Christian Bloch – Roktor
Surgeon – Breathing Time
Ministry – Isle Of Man (Version 2)
Ben Gibson – Blind Probe Head
Monolake – Yetlag
Moderat – Nasty Silence
Scuba – Klinik
F – Phantom
Roebin De Freitas – Elephant
Broken Haze – Against The Wall (Go Hiyama remix)
Deuce – Guttering
Porter Ricks – Port Of Nuba
Low Res – Amuck
Hecq – Steeltongued (Si Begg remix)
Andy Stott – Drippin
Svreca – Eye (DisinVectant Optic Nerve remix)
Ex Clamus – To Fensall
Monolake – Atlas
Surgeon – Bad Hands Break
Peter Van Hoesen – Above 90
Kontext – Convex Curved Mirror
Jeff Mills – The Hand Is Faster Than The Eye (unreleased)
Sebastian Kramer – From Arts And Crafts (Crafts)
Jeroen Liebregts – Hunter/Grazer (Planetary Assault Systems remix)
Robert Logan – Sanza
Ancient Methods – Else (Ugandan Methods mix)
IRM – Euphoria
Pan Sonic – Telakoe
Fluid – Black Jinn
Anstam – Untitled
Diversion Group – All Boys (re-edit)
Kuolema – Ciber War Live
Mordant Music – Hauntological Song
Starkey – Creature
Downliners Sect – The Pledge
Pangaea – Mosaix
Mothboy – Diamond Wolfbox
Robert Logan – Angels And Insects
Cabaret Voltaire – Moscow
Blixa Bargeld – Unbewohnbar Machen


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