Death Abyss + Girls Revenge – Voudou Nation on Rodz Konez

If you’re a regular listener of Mantis Radio, I hope you are, then back in January you’ll have been blown away, as we were at Darkfloor Towers, when Death Abyss delivered one of our best sessions yet on the show.

Last year saw the mysterious and anonymous producer/s (we don’t actually know how many people or indeed who is involved in the project) unleash their debut album Dominate Through Will following two earlier and no less essential EPs.

Eleven industrially powered, fractured granite slabs of broken techno, taking in the sonic sub force that some of the better, darker and deeper dubstep cuts have done over the past few years.

Together with new girl on the block Girls Revenge, Voudou Nation drops on April 23rd on British digital imprint Rodz Konez with both production entities contributing one track each together with a remix of the other.

All four tracks are sounding bleak, gritty, fractured and like proper dark techno should. Put this EP on your wishlist.

Death Abyss – The Magic of Defiance
Girls Revenge – Watch You Burn
Death Abyss – The Magic of Defiance (Girls Revenge Disco Hospital mix)
Girls Revenge – Watch You Burn (Death Abyss Until The Bones Are Dust mix)
released April 23rd.


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