Death Abyss – Dominate Through Will on Rodz-Konez

Here’s something that is going to be of considerable interest to you; techno imprint Rodz Konez are all set to release their first longplayer. Responsible are the mysterious dark and heavy production outfit Death Abyss.

Set for release next week on November 17; Dominate Through Will takes no prisoners through its 10 track onslaught of chest rattling broken techno.

If you just can’t wait until next week, you can pick up the Abyss’ previous EPs: The Hermetic Antagonist, The Mechanics Of Dissent/Descent as well as their track A Further Step Away on Youth Manifesto 1.


Death Abyss – Look down on them and laugh
Death Abyss – Clothe your lies in truth
Death Abyss – The mind is a terrible thing to taste
Death Abyss – Rule from the shadows
Death Abyss – Seek happiness in victory, but never in peace
Death Abyss – Disease is a weapon
Death Abyss – Control dissent, isolate the thinkers
Death Abyss – Stop thinking, increase consumption
Death Abyss – Love is a Weakness
Death Abyss – Come as a reaper for thus you will sow


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