Oleka debuts on Planet Rhythm

Bosnia’s Dragan Lakic (Forest People) debuts on the well oiled techno imprint that is Planet Rhythm under a new alias – Oleka.

Topot is composed of four cuts, each complimenting but offering a differing taste of tech. 1000 Godina Kao Jedan Dan (1000 years as one day) brings to the plate a classic groove with its spot on claps and hats. But, it’s the EPs title track opener Topot that takes the top spot. One of the best tracks I’ve heard from Lakic yet – rich in mood and one of those tracks that both deeper and tougher DJs will reach for at points in a set. Out soon.

Last year Lakic made his debut on Darkfloor Sound recording alongside Serbia’s Lag with their 8 minute beauty The Anvil as part of our compilation Mechanistic Overlap.


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