Inigo Kennedy’s mix for Token Records

Continuing to prove why he’s one of our favourite techno DJ dons – Inigo Kennedy‘s latest mix, recorded for Token Records – is a sublime slice of deep/hard chugging tech. The drive, the melodies, the builds – it’s all here. If you only have the time for one techno mix this week – let it be this one.

In other Inigo Kennedy news, his new EP, VHSK, is out now on Token.

James Ruskin – Excerpt Three [jel02]
Ken Karter – Synaptic X13.1 [kriptsynapse005]
Skirt – Wish In The Maze (Inigo Kennedy remix) [semantica29]
Dasha Rush – Rodrigues Avant-Garde [fullpanda020]
SPE – Carex [rwinalp004]
Objekt – Agnes Demise [objeckt003]
Jeff Mills – Black Box Colony [ax062.5]
Inigo Kennedy – VHSK I [token36]
Regis – Blood Witness [blackest004]
PVS – Fuckin’ Society (Conrad Van Orton remix) [hmvrk001]
Darkcell – Hands (Hector Oaks remix) [fluxus22d]
Etapp Kyle – Aurora [kw10]
Abdulla Rashim & Axel Hallqvist – Skog [semantica058]
Christian Wünsch – Black Lab [semantica057]
Ctrls – Modular Framework [token34]
Inigo Kennedy – VHSK II [token36]
Pfirter – Crash [mt-05]
Ø [Phase] – Perplexed [token33]
James Ruskin – Into A Circle [jel02]
These Hidden Hands – When Told [hh002]
Stanislav Tolkachev – Simple As A Miracle [semantica51]
Spherical Coordinates – SCFLS-05 [token35]
Floorplan – Higher (Ben Sims remix) [m.pm17]
James Ruskin – Excerpt Two [jel02]


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