Concrete DJz – June 2010 Promo Mix

The Concrete DJz are a familiar face around here at Darkfloor HQ. They do what they do, and they do it well. The task in question is making heavy, pounding, sick techno, that or pushing through similar sounds on their Armatura Records label.

Completed recently, this is the latest mix from them, a promotional mix highlighting their recent and forthcoming production work. Goes without saying that you like techno, so it follows that you’ll like this. If you don’t… well you will.

If you like this and want more, then have a search on Darkfloor for a few mixes, including their superb showcase for the Mantis Radio.

Concrete DJz – June 2010 Promo Mix

Concrete DJz – Inductive Float
– Rendered (Charlton & Concrete DJz)
Concrete DJz – Magnetar 1E 1048
Concrete DJz – Compact Solutions
Elektrabel – TRX12 (Concrete DJz remix)
DJ Mita – Kvazistabilni Multivibrtator (Concrete DJz edit)
Concrete DJz – Pulsar A127
Concrete DJz – Voodoo
Concrete DJz – Compact Solutions (Mike Humphries remix)
Concrete DJz – Live 2 Kill Urself
A.Paul & Vegim – Anakonda (Concrete DJz remix)
Concrete DJz – Double Layer
C-System – Basic (Concrete DJz remix)
Concrete DJz – C4
Concrete DJz – Vibratory Levels (Concrete DJz mix)
Concrete DJz – The Show


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