Grab Syndetic Recordings EP feat. Molez, Noiz, Dekode + DrumR

So we’ve landed in August, and for the first post of the new month, how about two free four free tracks from certified Darkfloor specialists Molez (Acroplane, Digital Distortions), Noiz (Ontal, Combat, Yellow Machines), Dekode (Ontal, Bankai Audio), and DrumR (Coffeebreakstreet), released via their collectively founded label Syndetic Recordings.

edit: Syndetic updated their original link to include two further tracks. Sadly the label is now defunct.

Syndetic Recordings was a forward thinking bass music label based in Subotica, Serbia.


Dekode – Time Corrosion
DrumR – 4 The Hat
Molez – Fields VIP
Noiz – Reanimator


Darkfloor Sound. A Label