Randomform – Segment Slipp [Plataforma-LTW]

Randomform aka datacrashrobot aka Sorin Paun drops his latest EP on netaudio label Plataforma-LTW. Six glitch’d electro based soundscapes have been collected producing the Segment Slipp EP. She’s an intricate listen from the first few seconds but a rewarding one nonetheless.

Sorin produces tracks which whilst rooted in and generally classed as electro, they are more developed and abstract than by the numbers affairs. IDM is a term loosely thrown onto electronica tracks where people fail to bunch a load of tracks or producer into a formulaic, pigeon holed, and often rigid genre classification, and so whilst this release technically could fall under it’s vast umbrella I think that’s doing Sorin’s work a disservice.

His sounds aren’t just random fiddles of glitches and knob tweaking. They are arranged in such as way as to give a sense of approaching dystopia. A near future,  a twisted and altogether dangerous place of which his work could easily be the soundtrack to. Submerge yourself in his audio experimentation.

Former art student Sorin Paun, started producing electronic music in 2005 and since then he has created various aliases for different genres to explore as a DJ, producer, remixer & designer. His tracks and remixes appeared on various labels and netlabels, has published customized DJ mixes and has been featured on a several worldwide radio broadcasts and podcasts.

Under the Randomform alias Sorin Paun si experimenting with rhythm structure, abstract ambiance and glitches. Each track creates a image of moving pieces in a large structure that slowly changes form, becoming more and more complex or decomposing right before your eyes.

Randomform – Segment Slipp

Randomform – Tappn
Randomform – Segment Slipp
Randomform – Re_align
Randomform – Qnaaliine
Randomform – Unercc Vtre
Randomform – Subterfee


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