Download ‘Lull’ an EP by The Inventors of Aircraft

A new release from Phil Tomsett aka The Inventors of Aircraft (TIOA) is always a very welcome sight. Following on from his As It Is release last year on Resting Bell comes this 3 track EP release on netlabel Audio Gourmet entitled Lull.

You can pick up the release for free from the mirrored page or with a small donation to Audio Gourmet you can grab it direct from them.

‘Lull’ was recorded during what turned out to be some fairly intense sessions in Phil’s studio between December 2010 and January 2011. Through these sessions, around 15 pieces of music were collated at various states of completion and it then became an issue as to which he would choose to fit the bill for a fifteen minute Audio Gourmet EP.

Throughout the recording process, Phil became unintentionally aware of some kind of sea voyage theme, with flickering imagery of giant ships hauling themselves away from the quayside and powering through the water running through his imagination.
When the sessions were complete and the time came to chose the final three tracks for the EP, the sea voyage theme had remained. This prompted the overiding nautical theme to be written into the track titles and the cover artwork too.

Phil would like to extend his gratitude to Ian Hawgood who showed amazing speed and dexterity with the mastering on ‘Lull’.
As with the Resting Bell album ‘As It Is’, Ian’s mastering job really brings the EP alive…


The Inventors of Aircraft – The Depths (don’t be scared)
The Inventors of Aircraft – The Arc of Visibility
The Inventors of Aircraft – Back and Fill


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