ADJ – The Way Of The Crane

I’m pretty sure Digital Distortions already sounds familiar to you all. Run by John Bushby, this label has been part of our life since 2005 – now in 2013 they’ve their 55th release from Andy Jaggers – ADJ. Nice.

His new EP is a proper electro/machine funk release with four big tracks, that work pretty well on the dancefloor. [It] starts with the tight and glitchy The Way of the Crane. Listening to Grubby Beats and it feels like an old Si Begg style tune with some nice acid – absolutely awesome.

My personal fave is the killer Bang the Beat – it’s perfect to blow some speakers up. Last in line – New Toys – a deep, dark and twisted track with a beautiful start.

Highly recommended stuff for those who love the darker side of electro. Don’t be afraid, your neighbours are gonna love it too.

You can get the EP for free, and if that’s not enough, you can find two more albums from Andy on his own Bandcamp page (also free).

ADJ – The Way Of The Crane

ADJ – The Way of the Crane
ADJ – Grubby Beats
ADJ – Bang The Beat
ADJ – New Toys

Here’s his mix for the Digital Distortions podcast series Brawlcast which is now broadcast on Future Music FM every other Sunday night from 22:00 to 00:00.

ADJ – Interstellar Communications

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