Dead TV Society – Noxgenus 09

Whilst the Noxgenus netlabel, as indeed many netaudio labels are; is not very widely known, it nonetheless is very worthy of your time. You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t think we had a good ear for good sound.

Be it acid electro, 808 raw analog or deep ambient drone powered pieces Noxgenus release their sound at lossless quality and there is a very high consistency to the labels output. This release, the netlabel’s 9th, falls into the camp of deep ambient and partial drone with 10 tracks from Dead TV Society, who’s earlier album for the label in April and their 2009 label début still get regular play in my studio.

Noxgenus and the person/s responsible keep themselves lowkey and that’s fine, because the music is strong enough to speak for itself. The main protagonist, as much as I can ascertain is that of Zwart Licht Kommando who we showcased back in August 2009 on Mantis Radio 045. The label says of their 9th release:

A collection of 10 new abstract soundscapes by Dead TV Society that will accompany your travel through a dark space where you will only perceive the environment through sound…

Dead TV Society – Noxgenus 09

Dead TV Society – 33GW
Dead TV Society – Lumps of graphite moderator
Dead TV Society – Tasting like metal
Dead TV Society – They went up the ladder, and I never saw them again
Dead TV Society – Water in Room 712
Dead TV Society – The Red Forest
Dead TV Society – Mirnyj atom
Dead TV Society – 5.6Rs
Dead TV Society – Radiotrophic fung
Dead TV Society – Steam voids in the core


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