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Mantis Radio 57 – Drugstore

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Drugstore provide this week’s guest mix – keeping the show on a techno tip continuing on from our last episode featuring London’s Coefficient. With music from The Future Sound of London, DJ Food & DK, Mrs Jynx, Rufige Cru, Ebola, Molez, Steve Moore, and Inigo Kennedy.

DJ Food & DK – Sentinel (Shadow Guard) [Ninja Tune]
Loops Haunt – Impact Omnihammer [Black Acre]
Visuelle Musik – m:rs:gl:tch [Luxus-Arctica Records International]
Mrs Jynx – Easy Means (Vertical67 remix) [the Centrifuge]
Helixir – Springz + Wires [7EVEN Recordings]
Wahn – Le Hall [Acroplane]
The Future Sound of London – Muse Mouth [Jumpin’ + Pumpin’]
Steve Moore – Bayern Kurve [Kompakt Extra]
Diarmaid O’Meara – Selfish Bass (Luke Creed’s broken mix) [unreleased]
Inigo Kennedy – Slipstream [Asymmetric]
Robag Wruhme – Daktylaff [Musik Krause]
Rufige Cru – Krisp Biscuit (T.R.O. remix) [unreleased]
Smashback – Brick Shithouse (Full Spektrum remix) [Bassgun]
New Order – Blue Monday (Vector Commander remix) [unreleased]
Ebola – What You Do to Me [the Centrifuge]
Hubwar – Hub’Warped Mind [Airflex Labs]
Mezerik – Untitled #2 []
Molez – White Trash [Acroplane]
I.D. – Slope [Sub Slayers]
Milyoo – Fayoh [Opit Records]

Neonicle – Serenade Of Cemeteries (Drugstore remix) [Subversive Media]
Drugstore – Akula [Offaudio]
Henry Saiz – Rhinemaidens [Renaissance]
Durango + Van Hai + Cora Novoa – Bodas De Sangre [Perspectiv]
Pablo Akaros – Reisepass [Offaudio]
Hermético – Espejos (Drugstore remix) [unreleased]
Hermético – Tinnitus [Inoquo]
Monokao – Gabriel [Offaudio]
Drugstore – Catarsis [Subversive Media]
Redhead – Bound for Eternity [Compressed]
Mladen Tomic – Wilderness [Yin Yang]
Hardcell – Untitled B2 [Skunkworks]
Drugstore – Telos [M_Rec Digital]
Elektrabel – Popin [Edensonic]
Atesh k – Expiry date [Edensonic]
Elektrabel – Smash 003 [Edensonic]
Pluge – Duty to work (Cyp remake) [Ante-Rasa]

Featured Guests

Spanish group Drugstore began in early 2009 as a union of the Bayona Music Collective. One name, six people, one target, six visions of techno. This is what Drugstore are – one group – writing and releasing a rage of techno styles from tech-house to schranz.

Always in the same line, our line. Our music always get in touch with techno lovers, always groove, some dark and some industrial sounds, very mental.

In their first year of working together they released tracks and mixes for several labels around Europe, principally Spain’s Offaudio, Antiritmo, Subversive Media, and Ignored Records. As well as Germany’s Zimmer , Loopzilla, and Mixotic.

They’ve been supported, reviewed and played by DJs and producers from all over, including the likes of  Exium, Bas Mooy, A.Paul, Sino’s Dosem, Code Records’ Nuke, and DVNT.

Over the course of the past year they’ve shared the stage with Mark Broom, James Ruskin, Adam Beyer, Octave One, Ben Sims, Cristian Varela, Exium, Mark Williams, Reeko, Nuke and Cesar Almena as well as regular slots at CODE @ Fabrik, TABOO, MAMBO House Club and PASARELLA.

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