Threnody – Distorted Dynamics Mix

Threnody featured back on the 18th Mantis Radio show back in May last year, since then he’s been pushing his sound, and his label UK Trends of which some forthcoming bits are featured in this, his Distorted Dynamics Promo Mix.

Threnody – Distorted Dynamics Mix

01. Disrepute At The Hands Of My Idol – Got To Have You [UK Trends]
02. Full Spektrum – The Way E A [UK Trends]
03. Threnody – Grit Crush [Dub]
04. Noiz – Slashback [Yellow Machines]
05. Hedfukkah – Wreck n Disrespekt [UK Trends]
06. Succulent-C – I Need [UK Trends]
07. Reapa – Red Rooster [Dub]
08. Threnody – Be There [Dub]
09. Not In My Name – Embracer [UK Trends]
10. Threnody – Flux [UK Trends]
11. Not In My Name – Metamorphic [UK Trends]
12. Threnody – Intake [Dub]
13. Threnody – Coda [Dub]
14. Threnody – Blunted [Combat Recordings] forthcoming

192kbps MP3 76mins


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