the wee djs – Missing

The 3rd release of the intended 7 dropped back in late May and is yet another fine EP of raw, unbridled electro from the Scottish musician Dave Paton under his the wee djs guise.

Following up the 2011 released Chase is Missing. Noone really sounds like the wee djs – melding live sounding hardware jams with fantastic driving electroid cuts. In both a classic and yet all his own style. He knows how to work his machines – nailing the groove each and every. Track Legend a prime example of ruffneck razor electro for the dark.

Missing is proof, as if it was even needed at this point, of just how dope Paton’s take on electro has been and still, on occasion, is.

the wee djs – Missing

the wee djs – Marauder
the wee djs – Legend
the wee djs – Drill Bit
the wee djs – Quasi Stuff
the wee djs – Finish
the wee djs – BoomS
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