Sclist’s ‘Mirrored’ EP / Urban Scrumping

Brand new release from the deep stepping bass producer – Sclist.

If you reside in Bristol and are involved with electronic music, bass is an integral part of what you produce, and Sclist excels at this. This is my review of his latest release on the always on the money Urban Scrumping label. Coinciding with this release, Sclist will be dropping an exclusive showcase mix for Mantis Radio 069 this Sunday.

I’m really glad these are coming out now. I’ve had most of these as dubs for quite a while. Nice to see Urban Scrumping pushing great sound yet again. And if that isn’t enough, we’ve some lovely artwork to boot. Really, nice to see a label making the extra effort for a change.

Trackwise, win. Cynanide kicks off the EP, and is a heavy fractured steppa. That bass is foreboding. Heads down kinda vibes.

Transient follows with more of a future garage kinda thing going on. Resonated synth lines ebb in and out with subtle hints of trumpets. Big sunset atmospherics on this one.

First time I’ve heard Dubx, and building into it we’ve got a Middle Eastern feel underlying the supporting sound elements. Future Bollystep? Big steppa when she drops, with a bold rolling bass providing very ample support.

Fina retains the now established solid bass work but adds a delicateness to proceedings with intricate glitches and programming.

Mirrored is deep with all the elements in place to present a wonderful dubstep track. All about that vocal snippet Sclist uses to great effect. And don’t even get me going on that acid b-line. Stunning track.

Gyu hits up with a remix of title track Mirrored. Taking it deeper into the breaks with a solid as, rolling, breakstep version. Chestplates at the ready for that bass. The vocal snippet that made the original track such a firm track is prevalent but has its pitch played with to fantastic effect. Really nice work from Gyu on this. Retained the character of the original faithfully and added his own breaky touch to it.

Sclist’s penultimate track Freaks builds in with textured rises, stepping garage beats and again, a well placed and programmed vocal snippet. Heavily detailed sound design results in placing some of the sounds to almost feel alien and out of place if they were listened to as less of a whole. As a whole they bizarrely work. You really get the feel of a producer pushing himself as far as sounds to use and how they to use them.

Final track Downtime finishes of the EP gloriously. Again pushing those lush resonated synth lines, delicately placed beats and warm bass so prominent in this release.

Heavy hitting sound that gets a very firm recommendation from me.

Sclist – Mirrored EP

Sclist – Cyanide
Sclist – Transient
Sclist – Dubx
Sclist – Fina
Sclist – Mirrored
Sclist – Mirrored (Gyu remix)
Sclist – Freaks
Sclist – Downtime
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