BRAWLcast present Chrononautz

Digi imprint Digital Distortions have been publishing BRAWLcast mixes for a few years now, this one, their 123rd comes from a local hardware production outfit and residents at local night SECT – Chrononautz.

All hail from Leeds – so one can consider this a Leeds calling card of sorts. One can also consider it a great selection of tracks from Untold and Delroy Edwards to Hieroglyphic Being, Diagonal’s Spit and Shine, Powell, Filter Dread, Worker/Parasite, Lee Gamble, Oneohtrix Point Never as well as a new track of their own.

Label boss John Bushby –

We’ve had lots of techno on the BRAWLcast recently so it’s time for something a bit different, well it’s still got some techno on it but the rest of it is all new to me. I first heard of Chrononautz through their excellent self released Public Domain Fuckover EP which I advise checking out at your earliest convenience.

Untold – The Guard
Rene Hell – The Bridge [NNA Tapes]
Delroy Edwards – Sick And Tired [L.A. Club Resource]
Copeland – Faith Og X
Mixed Band Philantropist – The Man Who Mistook A Real Woman For His Muse And Acted Accordingly (The Beginnings Of A Once Great Lonliness) [Hypnagogia]
Killing Sound – Thousand Hands [Blackest Ever Black]
Hieroglyphic Being – Nidhamu (Hukumu Version) [The Wire Tracks]
Zeek Sheck – Hotel California [Skin Graft Records]
Oneohtrix Point Never – Cubi X [NNA Tapes]
Shit And Shine – You Can’t [Diagonal]
James Ferraro – Eco Detergent
James Hoff – Asterbl [Pan]
Maria Minerva – Spirit Of The Underground [Not Not Fun Records]
Lee Gamble – Mimas Skank [Pan]
Filter Dread – Space Loops Extract [No Corner]
Powell – Rider [The Death Of Rave]
Demonic Glare – Composite Part IV
Worker/Parasite – Misplaced Objects [Opal Tapes]
Russell Haswell – Killer Snakehead [Editions Mego]
Joe Farr – Rampart [Power Vacuum]
Chrononautz – Coarse Grain Carbide
James Ferraro – Pollution Technique
Zeek Sheck – Red Door Filled With Waned And Wasted Life [Resipiscent]
BRAWLcast #123


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