Listen to a new mix from Matt TDK – and catch him live in Rotterdam this w/end.

Our Rotterdam man Matt TDK dropped a stormer of a mix (naturally) back in the summer for T/W/B (Toxic Waste Buried).

The UK based noise and industrial techno mix series, and as of October 4th digital label, like their techno cut from the tougher trough, and TDK has that shit down. From opening his all vinyl selection with a Manni Dee remix of Effy he builds up the weight with cuts from Sunil Sharpe, AnD, Killawatt, C Mantle, Shapednoise,  Karenn, Perc, Orphx, and Tomohiko Sagae before finishing on a second track from London’s mighty Inigo Kennedy.

You can catch Matt TDK this Saturday (October 10th) at Rotterdam’s TOFFLER for Kraak, alongside Ansome, Octave, Patriarch Conflicts and Auxxua.


Effy – Fernwah (Manni Dee remix)
Exium – Human Element
Dualit – Ear To The Ground
D. Carbone – BSR 10
Forward Strategy Group – Looking for Manpower
Inigo Kennedy – Arcing
Sunil Sharpe – Ground Skull Dust
Louisahh & Maelstrom – Rough & Tender (Dave Clarke Gothic Stripped Down Mix)
Ascion – Cybernetic Drama
John Hopkins – Collider (Karenn remix)
Paula Temple – Cloned
Trade – Sheworks 5
AnD – Ard Core Kru
Killawatt – Run Out Run
AnD – Repitch
C Mantle – Kindly Ones 3
Shapednoise – Cultural Landscapes
Avian #12
Sigha – OSC 9
Tinfoil – 1B
Shards – Mord
Manni Dee – Black Sun
Tinfoil – 2B
Ansome – Tin (Clouds remix)
Yuuki Sakai – Black Sun
Orphx – Sacrifice
Kareem – Jet Set
AD//HH – Brothers
D. Carbone – MetemPsychosis
AnD – 002
Karenn – Sheworks #4
Perc – Bleeding Colours (Untold remix)
Lucindo – Human Invasion
D. Carbone – Asynthetic
Kareem – Wild Punch, I Think I Love U
Tomohiko Sagae – Suicide Cliff
AD/S – Transversal (Ventress remix)
OSC #12
Inigo Kennedy – Vaudeville


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