In Session / futuremusic FM – April 22nd

Here’s the In Session from Tuesday, starting with some industrial weight and drone before getting lost in the sounds of acid for the first hour, pushing it forward into some heavy dubstep and breakstep in the second.

Featured within is forthcoming work from Serbia’s Ontal and Berlin’s Swarm Intelligence; unreleased Phat Chex acidic dubtech, and plenty of tracks I haven’t heard in ages. Including work from Jacen Solo, Vex’d, Mike Ink and Thom Yorke.

Worlds Collide – Marching Into War [CRL Studios]
Sturqen – Motim [Acre Recordings]
Psi Peformer – 1961 (Rebuilt By Anthony Child) [K2 O Records]
Swarm Intelligence – Calms the Beast [Acre Recordings]
Ontal – Taphonomy [Overdraw]
Paul Mac – Sometimes Its That Simple (John Heckle mix) [Stimulus Recordings]
Funkineven X Delroy Edwards – X [Apron Records]
Matrixxman – Simulation [Soo Wavey]
Alis – Modus [Fifth Wall]
Enformig – Sluts + Valkyries [Energun]
Acid Mikhalych – Phat 101 [Russian Techno]
Phat Chex – Smash The Fuckers Out [dub]
Mike Ink – Paroles (Mike Ink remix 96) [Warp]
The Sun God – Maum [Bio Rhythm]
Jacen Solo – Electracid [Digital Distortions]
Synus006 – Acid Rain [Authentic Pew]
Geistform – High Energy Physics (Makaton remix) [Duality]
Planetary Assault Systems – Riot In Silo 12 [Mote Evolver]
Shackleton – Blood On My Hands [Skull Disco]
Killawatt – Locked In [Killawatt]
Kryptic Minds + Sleeper – Axis Shift [Osiris]
Milanese – So Malleable (Cold Mix) [Planet Mu]
Ipman – In Atari [Wheel + Deal Records]
Gantz – U Wont Mind (Thelem remix) [Black Box]
Strago – September [Niteshade Inc]
Blackleg – Structure [Sub Pressure]
Consequence – Chamber Music [Tempa]
SP:MC – Trust Nobody [Tempa]
Kryptic Minds + Sleeper – Solarized Formation [Osiris]
P God – Tev 1 [Shades Recordings]
F – Phantom [7EVEN]
Vex’d – Lion V.I.P [Planet Mu]
Thom Yorke – Analyse (Various remix) [XL]
EUS – Erget I [Contradicta]


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