Download Si Begg’s free compilation ‘Xmas Dregs 2013’

Big boy bass DJ Si Begg has pulled together 7 tracks culled from his extensive unreleased offcuts and demo material as a Christmas gift to his followers – Xmas Dregs 2013.

Crap from my hardrive that I’m giving away for free …. yeh ?

I’m quite taken with the field recording based Making Contact 1 – a track Begg created from a recording of contact mics in his coat pocket, some of which was used on his track Accelerate Your Intuition – which saw release on September’s bass warble flexing Permission To Explode LP through Addictech. Well received by critics and fans the album is a dope addition to the producers bonafide classics like Jump, High VolumeFutureisnow and his numerous remixes and aliases.

Also of note is 44 Pressure which is a rather phat little four to the floor roller which from the accompanying description may well be a bit of a pisstake for some of the output of house/techno this year: “Hey kids ! You can dance to this ! yehhhh ..whooo … yawn”

He’s a British treasure, make no mistake.


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