Lifecycle’s ‘Snare Union’ mix

Ricochet Records boss Lifecycle drops this mix he describes as The Ricochet Sound.

If you like electro with a hefty side order of breaks and glitchy tweaks whilst retaining a sense of depth and order then this selection should be right up your street.

Lifecycle – Snare Union mix 2010

Lifecycle – The Butcher [dub]
Ion Driver – Farmilliar [Ricochet Records 006]
Si Begg – I See Them Everywhere [Noodles]
Scape One – Futurity [Trust]
Espion – Scalex (Mesak remic) [Serotonin]
Rennie Foster – Peacemaker [Robbaudio]
Lifecycle – Open Sesame [Glack Audio]
Lifecycle – Do Not Pass [Ricochet Records 005]
Justin Maxwell – The Windey Man [Palette]
Lifecycle – The Altruist’s Cookbook (Lory D remix) [Ricochet Records 008]
Lifecycle – Techno Notice (Chris Carter remix) [Ricochet Records 002]
Lifecycle – The Magic Word [dub]
John Tejada – Hidden [Palette]
Ion Driver – Electromagnetism [Ricochet Records 010]
Lifecycle – Correcting Fluid [Ricochet Records 012]


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