Polyklinik – Syntropy / Bedroom Research

From the mind and studio of Hungarian musician Polyklinik comes Syntropy.

His debut, The + EP, from back in 2011 on Svetlana Industries is a more dubstep weight and tempo offering with a hint of machine groove reward and smokers depth. These are traits that Polyklinik explores much more in the Bedroom Research released Syntropy.

He slows the tempo. which, naturally, adds more space and groove to the beats which are looser, in places far more intricate. Tracks like “Timelapse” feel like a stoned out mist of trap beat work wrapped up in a blanket of synth. Abstract instrumental hip-hop is maybe the best way to describe Syntropy as a collective whole. But this doesn’t quite cover all it has to offer.

Young Lucifier” is a twinkling of sounds literally washed over by the sounds of the ocean shore, it’s dubbed out and mellow without being obviously so. As relaxed as this album might appear it’s a rich palette of bleeps and electronica funk.

The artwork by Charlie Vicetto is supremely wonderful and does the music fine justice. A tripped out cerebral haze of detail in both aural and visual terms.

Available as a name-your-price download direct from the label.

Polyklinik – Syntropy

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